Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sooooooo cold!!!!

I've been sitting at my computer all day, rugged up to the eyeballs and I still can't get warm!!! I'm starting to wonder whether I should get my thyroid tested as I'm always cold, always hungry and always tired lately!!! lol Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple explanation and just pop a pill to fix all of that???? What I think is really wrong is that I need a different type of heater, I need to learn to eat when I'm hungry and not cos I'm bored, tired, unhappy, lonely, stressed, anxious or in a bad mood, and I probably should try to get to bed at the same time each night instead of a different time every night of the week!!! It is simple but it requires effort and there are days where I feel selfish and think that I do enough all day every day so I feel too lazy to do that kind of stuff, you know, the actually taking care of yourself stuff.

I caught up on all my typing today but not a bit of scrapping at all :( I'm back in the shop tomorrow thank goodness so I can catch up when I get in tomorrow. What I have found is that if I am forced not to scrap, for whatever reason but usually because of work commitments, that I come up with so many ideas. Maybe that's the thing - the imagination is trying to run away but knows the rest of me is chained to my computer for work!!! So I now have a whole pile of layout ideas rattling around in my head and you just know that my first day back in the shop we'll probably be really busy - great for the shop and not so good for my scrapping!!! lol And I bet I won't get much done at all but fingers crossed for me girls!!!!!

I've also got to load some layouts into my new D-ring binder album that we got into the shop last week. They are fantastic, fit so many layouts in them and are much better for storing your thick, lumpy bumpy or heaviliy embellished layouts than the normal albums cos they don't get squashed into a flat album. They're also a bargain at less than $20 and we got new colours in this week in addition to the black, pink and blue we already have including a hot, hot pink and red which I'm going to grab one each of tomorrow when I get in.

If you're interested in picking up a bargain we're having our Cyberscraps sale from 28 July so not long to go now. The whole store (except for Bazzill cos at 70 cents a sheet we're rock bottom cheap all day every day) is 30% off - Basic Grey, Hambly rub-ons, bling, off the page stuff, albums EVERYTHING!!!!! CHA is on and we want to spend up big, buy lots of beautiful new stuff for you guys so we need to make some room! Anyone who has been to the shop knows that we've managed to cram an awful lot into our store but it also means that if we want to have the latest and greatest then we need to sell some stuff to make some more room!!!! A warning though that you need to be really quick as it's a first come, first served basis and it will only apply while stocks last so you can't put a raincheck on anything. Once it's sold out then that's it!
So mark that one in your diaries girls and come see us for a great bargain. Those of you who have shopped with us before know we've got amazing prices so imagine how much extra bang you'll get for your buck at 30% off storewide?!?!?! I have my eye on some stuff for sure so like I said, be quick if you want the best stuff!

Okay I'm off to rescue the sausages from cremation and get dinner on the table for the tribe. Have a great Sunday evening ladies and thank you for those who've left comments so far for the RAK. You've got until next Sunday afternoon to post and then I'll draw the Basic Grey Infuse RAK.

Take care and keep warm!!! Love, Lu


kerry said...

Lu it is frezzing here to i have dh dressing gown over my clothes and i'm still cold.i think that it is going to be a cold 3 overnight.It's great that you are doing another rak good on you that is so genorous.pick pickme

Alana said...

Is the sale online to?? If so remind me closer to the date...I will forget for sure. LOL Alana

kayla renee macaulay said...

That sale at Cyberscraps sounds so exciting, i will definitely be taking advantage of that one.

It is really freezing here as well down in Tassie, you can see snow on the mountains behind our house, freezing... brrrr!!!!

I love reading your blog, it rocks!!

Sharmaine said...

Hiya Lu, had to comment after reading about your MIL's car! What were those people thinking! Hope the insurance came thru for both cases!!!!
Is very cold here (Tassie so it has to be cold lol)
Take care

francineA said...

ooohh i love a sale,,will have to save my pennies and come and visit!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love