Friday, 27 July 2007

This is my minute.... catch my breath! I haven't had one of these all week!!! I know I tell people all the time that I'm really busy and with four kids they usually just nod and I'm sure they're thinking "gee I'm glad it's her and not me!" lol but this week I honestly have been too busy to enjoy any of it and the whole seven days has flown past in a blur. I hate weeks like this. I'm going to point summarise - terribly lazy of me but not everyone likes to read my huge volumes of words about my time - so for those who like just the essentials, this was my week:

  • started with a call last Friday from the dr's I used to type for - yep, the ones who replaced me and hired someone in house. The in house lady is sick so can I please type the procedures? Nope, I can't I'm at the shop today.
  • Saturday was the V8's - all day long! I only just got the call today to pick up my photos from Harvey as they're havin one of those cheap 6x4 promotions which means nobody gets their pics quickly.....grrrr
  • Sunday was the flea market and then spent the afternoon doing boring stuff like grocery shopping and household shopping at Big W etc - waste of a lovely Sunday really (the shopping part that is!)
  • Monday I taught a class and the dr's rang me again - still no typist and can I cover for her? Nope I'm at the shop again but teaching this time. I offer to go home that afternoon and do all the procedure reports to help them catch up - 6 hours it took!!!! So very late bedtime that night!
  • Tuesday - the one day I have had in I can't remember how long where I was able to go to the shops during the day, during the week, without anybody at all but myself for company! Wanted a haircut and did some shopping for Doug's bd next month but get another phone call from dr's - typist STILL SICK!!! Can I please do the reports for the day, preferably like right now. Offer to get them done by close of business, realise I won't have time to get a haircut as the salon is really busy so I go home and type, pick up the kids, speak to the dr's again and they ask if I'll help catch up on the 120 consult letters so of course I say yes - why? - because I'm STUPID!!!! And really want the money! lol So I typed until midnight and got up again at 4am to work until 7am then get ready for work and go into the shop.
  • Wednesday the magical mystery Klic & Kut is waiting for us to play with. I've picked it up really fast thank goodness (it has it's own software program to use it) and have really enjoyed all the stuff it can do. Started what I think will be a fab layout when I FINALLY get to finish it and then have to stay late at the shop to help someone with an OTP they are doing. Late dinner, more typing, bed at midnight. Finished the August timetable for Cyberscraps thank goodness as it was really weighing on me that it wasn't done - really changed things around and added new stuff so that's exciting.
  • Still lots of typing as the dr's just keep adding more even though the typist came back on Thursday so I work all day from 6am to 1pm and then go get my haircut. I'm a real tightwad when it comes to hairdressers so I spent $30 for the style cut and the special promotion was $1 foils so I got a dozen violet/black ones put through. I can't tell you how happy I am with it!!! I have just tried to take a pic but my card in my camera is full and my card reader in the front of my computer doesn't appear to be working so I can't empty it!!!! More grrrrr! So I will try to get a pic tomorrow to share. It's kind of a longish shaggy rock chick sort of look and by cutting off an inch of the old red colour and putting through the black it looks like I've purposely had the whole lot done so I'm more than a little pleased. Plus you can't see any of the few greys that have started to show up. No Cass, you cannot pull them all out for me!!!! Ouchy!!! Then more typing again last night but now I've got the flu and feel like total crap so I went to bed early.
  • Hip hooray it's Friday! I got up at 5.30am, typed until 7am, got ready for work, dropped the kids at school, sent Caeligh to Gran's for the day but Jamie went with her cos he's got an abscess under a back tooth and looks like he's done three rounds with Mike Tyson! He went to the dr yesterday and got antibiotics but it still looks as though someone's punched him in the jaw. Thanks have to go to the man upstairs cos Jamie's not in a bit of pain. I've had a tooth abscess and I know any of you that have will know how exquisitely painful they actually are but he's perfectly happy! I don't get that but I'm not arguing!!! So I went over to Cass's and drive in to work with her. We spent the day playing with the Klic & Kut, helping crop day ladies, helping customers and not getting any of our own stuff done. Oh the sacrifices we make!!! lol We also got to see all the new CHA Creative Imaginations products in a catalogue and had fun picking out what we wanted with Cath. She's very understanding of our whims and wants and is very generous with what things she'll stock if we like them. All the new Marah Johnson stuff - the Rock Star is out of this world, plus a lot of new beautiful stuff! So then Cass and I headed home to wait for the children to walk back from school. I took my lot straight home. I got an email while at the shop to say the dr's would like me to continue to help catching up on consult letters over the weekend and that's all fine and good but the second I walked in the door I put down my bags and grabbed a frosty Coke Zero with a shot of Jack Daniels in it!!! I don't care if that makes me sound like a semi-alcoholic either......I was in desperate need of a little bit of time to relax and do nothing! So I've decided that even though I have a commission album that needs to be finished by Monday, even though I have housework coming out my ears, even though I have typing that needs to be done and the money is really good - I'm not doing any of it, not tonight, no way. I'll use the sick excuse if needs be but I want a night to do absolutely nothing if I so choose so that's all I've done so far, surfed the net and visited people's blogs! I might have to go into Cyberscraps tomorrow if we're really busy but until then I'm not on call for anyone or anything. I've even employed the 12 yo to make his fabulous fried rice again tonight because I don't want to cook either! Lucky he likes to get friendly with a saucepan! lol

So there you have it - my heller busy week! If it weren't for the fact that I've got the flu and now I've got an earache to go with it, I wouldn't actually be that stressed out. Lord knows we mothers live like this for days, weeks or months at a stretch, feeling like we never catch a break. It's not like I could check out of life and rest up in bed for a few days either because there's just too much to do and I'm the one who has to do it. So if you're like me, having one of those weeks, then give yourself permission to take a breather, even if it's only for an hour in a hot bath, with a tasty beverage or a walk - whatever resets your brain. I'm thoroughly enjoying my tasty beverage, I plan shortly to go have that hot bath, and maybe I'll get to the gym over the weekend (not hopeful here but if I commit the idea to screen then I might have a better chance of doing it!).

If you're in need of some scrapping inspiration then check out Aussie Dares' new challenge for the fortnight, or visit All About Eve and scrap your escape, not to mention One Little Word is challenging us with "automatically". I can't wait to do these but again, they are something that will have to take a number and wait. Scrapping for me is pretty low in the list of stuff I have to do right now. It's actually very soul satisfying when I get to do my own stuff these days and I savour every second of planning and putting together my own stuff.

I'll do a quick shout out to Jilly who has rocked the scrap world with ANOTHER COVER!!! The latest FK has her name all over the front cover and what a fab layout it is! Congrats to you girl and don't be any less than totally thrilled for yourself - you deserve it!!!! Hello to the beautiful Lusi who gave me a ring last week and I didn't get a chance to call back until last night. Lusi you are always so rock solid to talk to and a real compass point for me - I always feel so calm after chatting, even if it's about nothing or everything so thank you so much for being a great listener. Can't wait to meet you and give you a huge hug girl!!!! Hi to Kelley Forrester who was a real comrade in the countdown to getting Masters done the other week - fingers crossed for you! Hi to Kat who came into the shop yesterday and I missed you! I hope you're loving all your gorgeous new product - don't forget to blog share!!!

SHAMELESS PLUG AGAIN FOR THE CYBERSCRAPS SALE!!! This starts tomorrow online and at the shop with a massive 30% off everything in the store except our already ridiculously cheap Bazzill (which we just restocked and even got some gorgeous new colours in just yesterday!). We still have a few of the D ring binder albums and they'll be 30% off too if you want or need one but be quick! We still have some of the Marah Johnson stuff left if that's your cup of tea, plus lots of SEI, Cherry Arte, Basic Grey, Urban Lily, Sassafras Lass, My Mind's Eye and about a gazillion things more!!! We stock lots of pretties, some unusual stuff and our customers tell us we have a fantastic range and a real Aladdin's Cave of goodies in our store. Come on in and have a look around - I'm sure you're going to find something you love and it's even lovelier at 30% off. If we're busy I'll be in the shop tomorrow as well and we'd love to see you!

Okay that's the plug over with! lol The little ones have just arrived home with Doug so I had best to see if Blayd needs help with dinner. Thank you so much to those of you who've visited and said hi or even just had a peek on your way through the blogsphere. It's nice to know we're not alone! Have a wonderful weekend and give yourself that breather if you need it - I order you!!!!! I'll post a layout as soon as I have one to show! Take care babes!!! Love, Lu


Kat Browne said...

Sounds like a well earned break to me. Sheesh, what a week for you! I hope everything calms down for you soon, hun, though with so huge a sale, it may take a while. Good luck for today! Feel better soon!!

Yeah, that's two days we've gone to the shop this week... we're really restrained, huh? There'll be pics galore hopefully next week, unless I'm slack or the camera chucks a tanty.

Have a great day!

Leone said...

Wow, and I thought I had a busy week. Hope you can catch your breath soon. And good on you for taking some "me" time and getting your hair done. I'm way overdue again for that.

And a sale, hmm tempting. Hubby has overloaded my credit card, just bought a new fridge. But hey, a girls got to have supplies and at 30% off I'm actually saving him money aren't I?

lusi said...

oh my gosh! your week was insane! and yet...i'm sure its a normal one just like here ;)
great chatting with you too our chats about everything and nothing!!!!
have a peaceful-ish weekend!
Lus x

Scrapdragons said...

Wow what a week...I must say as a mothre of four & crazy busy myself there were plenty of.."oh I know all about that..." moments

Hope you get to enjoy some rest.
BTW the hair sounds wicked cool!


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