Saturday, 14 July 2007


Well I did definitely say that as soon as the new Basic Grey Infuse came into the shop that I would do a RAK and as I'm back in the shop this coming week I'm going to start it now.

For anyone who leaves me a comment this week I'll be putting names into the draw to win the entire Basic Grey Infuse paper range plus a sheet of the FABULOUS die cut shapes and a set of the FUNKY new font alpha stickers! Now who doesn't want the entire range of that lovely stuff??!?!?

I've used them already (layouts a few posts back) and Cass has gone wild with them too so they are a firm favourite of ours even though they only just hit the paper racks! The fab part about it is that all the Basic Grey ranges co-ordinate with other stuff and the plain colours will mix and match with anything at all. Now that's versatility for you!

If you're a die hard Basic Grey fan then don't forget to have a look at their online gallery at and take a few minutes to submit some layouts. Your name will then feature on the list of their designers if they select your layouts or off the page projects to display in their gallery and your name will be right up there among some of the best scrappers all over the world! That is!!!

Okay well I'm off to bed now as it's too damned cold to do anything else!!!! lol

See you all tomorrow, love Lu


~Kathryn~ said...

pick me
pick me
lurking reader here !!!!

Lis said...

I hear you on the cold Lu, it has been really cold of a night lately, snuggling in a warm bed is the best idea!

Kelley said...

Oooh i love the infuse range!! They are sooo yummy!!!
Congrats on the RDG blog too!!! That LO is awesome!!!

kerry said...

Hi Lu,

Thanks for the heads up about the basic grey blog yoour layouts are great so are cass'S i submitted the one of Lily and that is now on the front cover of the basic grey gallery yippee.I will have to do some more and submit them .

kayla renee macaulay said...

I have had so much fun reading all your posts lately.
How uncanny that you MIL's car got hit twice, that really wasn't her day. lol!
Glad that you got your masters stuff in on time
You rock, you deserve to win chickie.
The new infuse range is yum yum yum!! and i love what you and cass have been doing with it, you rock scrappers world chick.



Kat Browne said...

Have you ever seen the 1st Harry Potter movie? Y'know where Hermione has her hand raised so much you think she'll pull a muscle and be stuck that way? Imagine that's me right now, I'm just way more hyper.

(in non-crazy person English: 'please put me in the draw, and thank you muchly for having another RAK, you're very generous')

Jodie said...

well u know i always lurk ur blog love ur stuf !!!!
pick meee hehe pretty please ;)


Alana said...

HOWDY!! Well its still cold here to...and like you Im the little frog!! I havent got hands on infuse yet hopfully by Friday.....well hope the typing week went ok talk soon....Alana

kissmevodka said...

Omg! Cold? There is no temp over 17 all this coming week (day) and an average of 3 for the nights AND MY LECCY BLANKET HAS DIED!!
Good job my dh is always warm. Snuggling into him is the only way I can get warm enough to sleep.
I want to scrap, but it's too cold!! Maybe I can move it all to the bedroom!! bwahahaha

Janet said...


francineA said...

oohhh i love BG,,and as always there new range is gorgeous..
good luck with your Masters...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! Can it be me that wins. Love BG. Can't scrap without it.

DW said...

Ahhh!! Can it be me that wins. Love BG. Can't scrap without it.

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