Tuesday, 10 July 2007

July Get Real Challenge

I just thought I'd quickly mention the July Get Real Challenge over at Cyberscraps. If you know me then you know I like to scrap the bad right along with the good and I also like to challenge other scrappers to find the not-so-perfect in their lives and add it to their albums. It also incorporates lots of stuff about ourselves so if you don't to many layouts about you (and if you have kids this is so so important and they will cherish these layouts later) then you should give these challenges a go.

This month I challenge you all to scrap your quirks!!!! Now it can be just one thing or if you are super-mega-quirky then I challenge you to scrap them all!!! If that's the case think lists, think dot points, think little journalling blocks, thing about journalling around your photo, think of using ledger paper or graph paper even.

You don't even have to include a pic of yourself if you don't want to but if it's a quirk you can capture on film then we'd love to see it - provided it's not going to offend anyone!!! If you have quirk for flipping the bird at people when you're stressed then we probably suggest you use a picture of a canary instead!!! lol

There is an album in the gallery on Cyberscraps to upload your quirky layout (or more than one layout if you're feeling particularly keen) into and this month I'm going to choose a winner from all the layouts posted in the July Get Real Challenge album to receive a mystery prize!

So get scrapping all you quirky thangs out there!!!

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