Saturday, 18 August 2007

Cyberscraps Cybercrop layouts

Oh she's a real charmer isn't she??? My two layouts so far for our cybercrop have both been of Caeligh - just luck of the draw I think as the pics suited what I needed. The first one was easy enough - a layout using Basic Grey and the second - which is complete shit in my opinion (the layout not the challenge!) was a black and white layout. I was a real stickler for accuracy and even used a B&W pic although I don't think it mattered about the photo. I absolutely hate the B&W one - I have no idea what went wrong but I will heavily lean upon the now legally acceptable rugby league explanation that I had A FREAKIN BRAIN SNAP and this cruddy layout is the result. See - even Masters shortlisters are capable of garbage and can quite skillfully produce it in abundance sometimes!!!!!
On a brighter note I made some buttons with Sculpey which are out of the oven and looking damned fine if I do say so myself!!! I will take a snap tomorrow to post - don't expect brilliance here - first attempt and all!!! But I've had fun playing with it all afternoon and I'm going to definitely do some more soon!
Have a good night! Lotta love, Lu

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