Thursday, 2 August 2007

More layouts

I've not really done any new ones but these are a couple I've had sitting and forgot to scan from a couple of weeks ago.

Nothing much happening here. I finished up the last of the catch up typing for the dr's this morning so that's much stress gone now and I'm back to being able to focus on the shop and on the challenge stuff I need to do this week. I still have my Dares Spirituality layout to do, my AAE escape layout and my OLW automatically layout as well as having a go at scrapjacking the fabulous Jilly Geraghty-Groves as well! Smiling as I think of jacking you off Miss Jilly!!!! lol

I went out today and made an investment in my health and a downpayment on having a smaller clothes size by summer - a new pair of cross trainers. You know the story about Blayd destroying my beloved old ones and so I went to Athlete's Foot and got to do the whole footprint thing on their special machine. I was there about half an hour, in which time Caeligh slept, Blayd sat and tried to continually tell the very helpful sales guy about how my MIL was going to buy him a pet hermit crab (cringing at that idea!), James ran around the centre seating doing his own mini lapathon in the store and Lachlann played the enforcer and would constantly chase James and carry him back to a chair. I know he was only trying to help as I had asked James to sit but Lachlann just gets so carried away with making everyone do the right thing that he ends up in trouble for being over-zealous about "helping" everyone else behave when he himself often has trouble doing that! I also got stupidly overpriced socks and a pair of insole thingies because I roll my foot inwards apparently. They are the most comfy things ever which is great and I'm even going to try to get to the gym tonight to give them a test run. I think I need to bite the bullet and make a firm decision to go back to the gym and once I've been once I think I'll be inspired to go again. This time Doug says he will join too so we can alternate mornings on who gets to go, or one of us can do evenings and one of us can do mornings or whatever. That will also mean a new pair of cross trainers for Dougie too so that'll be a job for the weekend.

We've got crop on tomorrow during the day from 9.30am until 2.30pm and then again from 6pm until midnight at Cyberscraps if you want to come and play with us. The sale is still going strong and Cass and I will be working on projects using some new products that will be on sale in the store in another couple of weeks. I'm bringing my uggies, Cass is bringing her radio and we're going to do pizza. Last time we got down and partied in the shop to some 80's music whicih really brought back memories for us of early high school. We sat and traded stories about what was going on in our lives back then. Cass and I didn't meet until she was 16 and I was 17 so it's fun to find out those things about each other before we met. If you want to come play with us then give us a ring tomorrow at the shop on 07 3274 5522 and we'll save you a comfy chair!

I've been looking for a small tattoo design to get done before I get my big Marah Johnson winged heart done later in the year. I really want to know what I'm in for with something a little smaller before I commit to having a big one done so I've decided on a Scottish luckenbooth which is like an Irish claddagh. It's exchanged between lovers and is usually on a brooch or a ring. As my Dougie is Scottish it seems more appropriate than an Irish claddagh although my heritage is mostly Irish. It's beautiful, a thistle in the centre and two interlocked hearts with a crown on top. I've seen some lovely designs and I just need to choose something that won't be too detailed for the tattooist to try to re-create. I haven't booked a time yet because I don't want to rush it and I want to make sure I have the perfect design first. After all it's a lifelong commitment and I want to absolutely love it once it's done.

Well I don't really have any other exciting news at the moment. It's the usual grind of work, kids, housework with some fun stuff like blogging and scrapping thrown in! I hope you can join us at the shop if you've got nothing else on tomorrow night. If you are busy then, the August timetable is now online so have a look and maybe come do a class or two with us! We've even got kids classes on Sundays and this month it's making presents for Father's Day.

I'm absolutely loving the few days of warmer weather we've been having so I'm definitely in better spirits! Blog again soon, cya Lu

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