Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My bad

I've just remembered that I've been tagged by quite a few people and I'm really sorry I haven't done it yet. I haven't forgotten - it's one of those things that sits in the back of your mind and occasionally taps you from behind the eyes and says "I'm still here and you haven't done me yet!!!" but if I'm busy I tend to ignore it and tell myself I'll remember it later - which I have - now I just don't have time to sit and do it!!! lol Sorry but I will get to it when I get back.

I also have to put a Rockin' Blogger Girl blinkie on my blog too and I'm really sorry to the fab girls who tagged me for that too! Another housekeeping job when I get back.

I just didn't want you to think I couldn't be buggered doing it - I just keep forgetting when I'm sitting here and at this point in the game now I don't have time (or I could have just done it instead of yattering aimlessly here for a few minutes....duh Lu!!!).

Almost done now, Masters all packed away safely in bubble wrap in a cosy box including materials lists and I've just remembered that I haven't printed my photo yet. Good thing you reminded me!

I'm halfway through packing and the rest will have to wait until I decide what to wear for the trip down tomorrow - something comfy that's for sure!!! I'm off now to print that picture, go find some CDs so we have tunes for the car (or as Kylie and Peta would know from us "f'ckn tunes"!!!!), I'm going to check on my washing that's in the dryer and give this hair colour another 20 minutes before washing it out, drying my hair and falling into bed. Yep if Cass reads this in the morning I'll be in trouble cos she told me very firmly that I could watch House but after that I had to go to bed so I wouldn't be tired for the drive tomorrow. Another my bad.....!

Now I really am going, and I don't think I'll have time to update tomorrow so keep safe everyone and I'll "see" you all again soon!!! Lotta love, Lu

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