Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Layout sharesies with new products

This first layout is for Kerry who I did a photo swap with on the Cyberscraps forum. I hope you like it Kerry, I'm really happy with it and I hope you don't mind if I sub it.

This layout is using the new Basic Grey Recess range and the new Buzz and Bloom chipboard we got in. Half a packet of chipboard but totally worth it!!!!

This layout I'm contemplating for a class for September - new Basic Grey Periphery plus Buzz and Bloom chipboard and some gold fibre paper.
More Basic Grey!!! This is Obscure, very edgy, funky, makes great teen layouts as you'll see further down, plus I added the super-cute robot and blocks rub-ons from our Kaiser range.

This is my DIY layout challenge for our Cybercrop last weekend. I ended up making sculpey buttons and so that's them - red with black criss-cross thingies on them!!! Lots of fun to make too!!!!

And to this one, my favourite layout that I did all day. It was the first one I did, came together really quickly and I absolutely love it!!! There are actual metal plates on there from a computer case as well as misc. bits and pieces like a page from a book of raffle tickets, a takeaway order book sheet with the number 12 on it (for his age) and a criss-cross metal laminex sample down in the bottom right corner behind the washer thingy. The flourishy thing in the middle is done with our new Klic & Kut machine and I just inked over the cardstock with a reddish brown and then blue ink pad.
So totally productive day today!!!! So maybe you can help me with the dilemma here - I want to do one of these layouts as a class for September. Which one would you choose if you had to make a decision? I like the last one personally but it's hard to source the bits and pieces I used for it. It was all junk I had sitting around my desk and I only had one of each bit. I like the Hush Hush Darling layout of Caeligh but wonder if it's too messy for most people's taste? Anyhoo if you see any of the above that you'd do as a class PLEASE please please leave me a comment so I can get this sorted before we leave on Thursday!!!! Thanking you in advance if you would like to help!
There's a new All About Eve challenge - reincarnation, and it's a bit of a thinking type layout so that will wait until we get back. One Little Word will have a new one this week too but again, no time to do it before we go as it doesn't go up until Thursday here, Wednesday USA time. It's almost September and I'll have to do a new Get Real Challenge for Cyberscraps - Cass suggested we try scrapping something dark about ourselves. I absolutely love the idea and don't care if nobody else likes it - it's still a great idea to scrap this facet of our personalities even if you don't share with anyone else. At least you'll have done it for yourself. Keep an eye out in the first week of September (hopefully right at the start if I can!!!) and catch the full details on Cyberscraps.
Speaking of, our new Basic Grey arrived, plus Luxe papers that are to die for, gorgeous Crate papers and rub-ons, Buzz and Bloom, fab new OTP products and restocks of our very popular old favourites, Three Bugs In A Rug, great Arctic Frog alpha stickers, restocks of some of the Hambly rub-ons, seriously cute Prima Mini Me flowers and so cheap too plus lots of other stuff that goes up on a very regular basis now that all the CHA orders are shipping into our hot little hands! Go have a look if you're in need of new scrappy goodness!
Well Cass and I are starting to get seriously excited now - we have to go pay for our hire car tomorrow, pack up our actual projects (which depresses me a bit cos I've been using my storage solution and now I'll have to dump everything into goodness only knows what until I get my box back), I'm doing my washing to make sure I have everyting I want to take with me, we have to pick up the Navman and video camera and a new storage box for Cass's storage project so it will be safe while away from home, I even went out today and restocked my freezer with extra meat and a few Lean Cuisine meals for Dougie for the weekend. At some point really soon I'm also meant to itemise some DT layouts for the online store, choose, itemise and email my September class choice, do a couple of new layouts with the 3 Bugs In A Rug stuff we got in today, change the window display at the store AND do up my materials lists for my Masters stuff which I didn't get around to doing at the time I did the projects. I think that will have to happen tonight as tomorrow looks ugly busy!!! I wanted to go to the gym at least once this week before I left but I seriously doubt that will happen either - Cass and I have both concluded that we actually need another week before we go so that everything that needs to get done will get done!!!!
Okay well I suppose it's not getting anything done while I chat is it?!?!?!? Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay out of the ghastly weather we're having here in Brissie if you're a local. Cyclonic winds and rain - lovely way to see in the start of spring!!! At least there's some water for our dams but not nearly enough apparently. Don't hate me too much for hoping it all dries up by Thursday -I don't particularly want to drive a thousand kilometres to somewhere I've never been - at night - in the rain!!! Prayers for our safety are most welcome!!!! lol
Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!! Lotta love, Lu

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kerry said...

Hi Lu,Thankyou thankyou thankyou,ilove what you have done with my photo it is gorgeous i love it and you sure can try and publish it.You have better luck than i do when it comes to publishing things.Have areally great trip i will be thinking of you too ratbags and drive safley .You have done a great job of the other layouts too.take care
Kerry xoxo

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