Friday, 31 August 2007

My brain is still on holiday!

These are some quick pics from our weekend away. The top ones were from our stay with the amazing fabulous Lusi and the bottom ones are just bits and pieces of what we got up to. I'm terribly unoriginal in that I've used Cass's blog pics because we mainly used her camera over the weekend instead of mine so therefore we both have the same pics.
I'm just hanging in the shop at the moment, serving the odd customer here and there and trying to get a layout finished but my mojo isn't in full swing today. Maybe tonight with the crop things will improve. I think my brain still thinks I'm on holidays and doesn't want to fully return to me - if it was ever fully there to begin with!!! lol
So not much happening this week but next week I've been asked to do a month of full time typing work so no shop visits for a whole four weeks!!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!!!! That's awful, I really miss the shop when I have to be at home and a whole month will be hard but the inevitable happened and the docs I used to work for had their typist resign with bugger all notice and while they did offer me the job full time, I refused because I don't want to work that much and I don't want to have to go through the nightmare of driving into the city everyday either. I've done it before and I hate it!!! So I've settled for part time, from home and then overflow work to help whoever they get to do the other days per week that I'm not working. It will be perfect for me and I'll only miss one day in the shop per week. So I'll have to scrap at home, keep up with the forums from my desk and keep in touch through my blog.
Speaking of blogs, I love a challenge blog - do you? Keep your eyes open for something new coming but I'll be leaving some little hints getting closer to the time.
Well I'm going to shoot off now and see if I can't get something finished before the crop tonight. Have a spesh weekend everyone and don't forget to say hi if you have a minute! Lotta love, Lu

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kerry said...

Lu thats great that you got the typing to do as now you have some spare cash and we could all do with that.I hope you have agreat weekend and speak to you soon.My guess is that you and Cass are stting a challenge blog up and if you are thats really cool.take care Kerry xoxo

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