Wednesday, 22 August 2007

September class at Cyberscraps

This is my September offering for classes at Cyberscraps! I totally love the new Basic Grey Obscure range and I've even kept all the scraps from this one as the patterns and prints are all so usable.
Cass has done a gorgeous layout with the new 3 Bugs In A Rug range we got in yesterday and that will be her September class. I'm sure it will be on her blog shortly.
Well tomorrow is the big day - we're picking up our hire car and hitting the road!!! We've decided that it's probably safer for us to find somewhere to stay by night time so we'll see how far we get and then find a motel. Hopefully we'll get two thirds of the way there and then we can have a sleep, get up bright and early, make ourselves fabulous and then head into Sydney to be at SM at 9-10am. I'm currently in the process of adding a new screaming red to my hair (all part of the fabulous you see! lol), then I have to parcel up my Masters stuff, print out a pic of myself which they've asked for and get together an album of my favourite stuff to share with the very lovely Lusi whom we'll be spending Saturday night with. I can't wait to meet you babe!!!!! Totally excited right about now!!!! I'm doing the typical last minute thing of throwing my washing in the machine tonight and then into the dryer cos when I left this morning I had to wash uniforms or tomorrow will be hell morning otherwise. I guess all I'm going to pack are my jeans, my cammo pants plus a few fave t-shirts and some jammies - plus my red converse sneakers, uggies, red ballet flats and heaps of junky jewellery! Oh that reminds me to find my mobile phone charger too - far out I'd be in trouble if I forgot that!!! lol
I've just shown Lachie how to make a sculpey button and while I was in the shower he's already churned out about a dozen very cool ones so guess what I'll be getting the slave child to do for me while I'm away???? lol He's having lots of fun and because he likes to scrap too, he does appreciate why I made them and he wants to make some for me to use as well as for him. I'll look forward to seeing his creations when I get back.
Thank you so much to everyone who has kindly offered to have us stay or visit on our trip. Because we're so poorly organised by nature, we sort of figured we'd just see how far we get and what we have time to do as we go. I realise for some people that this "make it up as you go" arrangement is really annoying but because we do it so often day to day. Kids can throw some serious spanners in the works and so we've just learned to take it as it comes. We are seriously grateful though to you for inviting us into your homes, even at odd hours and to cook for us (thanks Maggie!!!). I'm going to write down everyone's phone numbers and put them in my mobile so I can get in touch with people if we happen to be in the right place at a not too inconvenient time!
Okay got to go now and get this hair thing sorted out and package up my stuff. Doug is dropping me at Cass's right after we drop the boys at school so I won't have time to do much tomorrow except get dressed and make sure everything is in the car ready to go.
Wish us luck guys - we'll keep you posted!!! Lotta love, Lu

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Ali :-) said...

Woohoooooooooo girlies!!!! You guys have a FABULOUS time away and remember NOT to behave at all!!!

Drive safe and have fun!!!
Ali :o) xoxoxo

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