Tuesday, 14 August 2007

There's still time left.....

..... to tell someone to go cram it sideways today!!!!

I hope you're all enjoying inaugural National Go Cram It Sideways Day and that you've found a suitable and deserving person to share the sentiment with. If not, there's still plenty of time and it will be doubly enjoyable if you do it with a smile on your face and with cheer in your heart!

I wouldn't mind telling Mother Nature to go cram it sideways cos my period is a week early :( or telling the people who still owe me money for work I did three weeks ago to go cram it sideways (but just pay me first!), or the phone company who have mucked up my account, or the transmission on my car which is desperately trying to fall apart on me, or the supermarket when they want me to give them cash for the two trolley loads of groceries I have to buy tonight. These can all quite successfully be crammed sideways!!!

And with a pink pineapple twist for good measure........

Did you get a phone call today girls? YOU KNOW WHICH CALL I MEAN!!!! Don't play stupid now, share the love if you got a call. If you didn't then maybe you can tell someone to go cram it sideways. Maybe you can tell me!!!! At the moment I'm telling myself cos I haven't had a call yet and I even told Doug to go cram it sideways cos he made the phone ring and it wasn't the call I was waiting for!!!! lol Poor Doug doesn't deserve to have anything crammed sideways.......

Oh well enjoy the rest of your day and be sure that someone you know deserves it cops a "Go Cram It Sideways".

Lotta love, Lu

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