Sunday, 19 August 2007


Well because Cass and I both got shortlisted and because Cass's entry is a bit...ahem...BIG, Cass decided we should drive our entries down to Sydney which would not only be fun but also show our dedication to the Masters cause!!

So Thursday afternoon we are leaving Brisbane in a hire car and driving down to Sydney!!!

I've never been to Sydney and neither has Cass so it will be new experiences all the way for us normally quiet, mild mannered suburban mummies. The plan so far is to drive down through the night on Thursday, arrive in Sydney early Friday morning, go to Express Publications at about 9 or 10am and deliver our stuff. We've been invited for a cuppa with Krys and Casey so that will be fantastic, as well as meeting the other editorial staff. It will be nice to meet Krys face to face as we've spoken on the phone so many times and via email but she didn't make it up to Brissie for the last Scrapbook Convention, where we did meet Casey for the first time. She's the one who encouraged me to enter Masters even after I had decided I wasn't going to do it this year. Gee I'm glad she did now!!! lol

The Sydney Stitches and Craft show is on this weekend too and in the next suburb over from the SM offices so that will be either Friday afternoon if we're not to knackered from the driving the night before, or we'll do it Saturday. We've been offered a bed at the amazingly fabulous Lusi Austin's place so that's definitely going to be a highlight of our trip I think. We've spoken on the phone, blog and email so much and she's really helped me change how I see my faith and how I view the world in general. I can't wait to be able to give her a big hug and say thank you for all her friendship and support. I also can't wait to have a look through her albums. I bet they are just absolutely amazing IRL.

Then I guess the plan is to drive back Sunday!

We're being offered Navman from Cass's mum as well as a video camera so we can keep a video diary of our trip. We're definitely taking our cameras too so I think I'll need the charger and spare SD cards as well!!! I don't know how much sight-seeing we'll do as I've been told it's very expensive to go into the heart of Sydney to see the Opera House if you need to park a car somewhere so that's something we'll have to decide on at the time.

It's amazing how if Cass and I had just looked at each other and said "hey let's go on a road trip to Sydney" it would never, ever have happened as we just never have the money for that kind of thing but somehow the forces of the universe have all pulled together for us - money, help from friends, Cath very generously helping us out with some of the cost, our husbands being super-mega-understanding and holding down the fort at home for us while we're gone.

I am so proud of Cass's bullheaded determination to go. Like most mamas out there we do things for ourselves last, at the bottom of the priority list and like Cass said, we break lots of promises to ourselves about things we want to achieve and do. She really dug her heels in about going and made sure I was as excited as she is - which I definitely am!!!! And from the way everything has just fallen into place so quickly and effortlessly, I can only assume that we're somehow meant do go and meant to do this.

Part of me is a bit scared too and I don't mind admitting it. I've never been so far from home in my entire life and certainly not without Doug either. I guess part of it is proving to myself that I can do something like this on my own and that I can cope and make decisions and take care of myself. I worry a lot that if something happens to Doug that I won't be able to manage on my own. I like to THINK I could manage and I pride myself on not being a helpless female but I've never had to test that resolve of mine and this is as good a time as any. Heaven knows what kind of adventures we'll get up to but I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else - just me, Cass and our little Corolla hire car - oh plus Hazel in the back seat too!!!!

So wish us luck and we'll keep everyone posted on what we're up to and how we're going.

Have a fantastic week everyone and if you live in Sydney watch out cos we're coming!!!!!

Lotta love, Lu


kerry said...

Lu take care on this little adventure make sure you do have breaks on your drive even five mins here and there.I have driven the trip from Brisbane to Sydney many times with dh it is a great drive,but remeber to not be in a rush.And i'm glad your doing it for yourself,you will have a great time and the break will do you good take care i will be thinking of you.Kerry xoxo

Leone said...

So very Thelma and Louise of you. Hope you have a wonderful time and good luck with the Masters entries.

Louise said...

OMG how fabulous of you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait for the update, and have a Faaaaaaaabulous time girls!! :)

Lus :) said...

who's a little excited here too???!!! lol :)
you are so lovely lu! can't wait to finally meet you and cass too!
love ya's!
lus x

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