Saturday, 18 August 2007

Typepad or what?

I'm so thinking of a move over to typepad and Cass and I even have an account there already for something else we're working on but I'm dreading having to re-install/re-download all the little bits and pieces that I have on my blog that I like. That plus I don't have my Typepad licence yet so I'm not very good at driving it!!!! lol If I'd started in Typepad instead of Blogger then it would be second nature to me by now but nooooo cheap ass Lu goes for the free one instead! lol

I really really really want to be able to return comments quickly back to people who leave one for me. It's so spesh when someone takes a moment to comment but Blogger doesn't allow immediate return comments so then it has to go through email instead and it all gets messy and takes ages and sometimes it's hard to find people's return addys to say hi back so I figure there has to be an easier way and Typepad is probably it.

I don't know when that will happen, probably not for a couple of weeks yet. Cass and I have some big stuff coming up that will keep us busy but more on that later.

I'm off to Spotlight this morning for some sculpey deliciousness. There have been some seriously cool gals playing with it lately esp. for buttons and I'm now all geared up and inspired to give it a go myself. You know the Tony Ferguson weight loss adds, he sounds a big like Mr Magoo when he says "You really must give it a goooooooooo" and so today I will - the sculpey that is, not the TF, not that my bum couldn't do with some reduction but I don't have the discipline for doing that! A couple of people who are just brimming with sculpey creativity right now are Kayla and Jodie - both wicked talented gals who have definitely inspired me over the last couple of days with their seriously cool stuff!!! Go have a look and fall in love with sculpey!!

I'm babysitting Cass's two little ones this afternoon for a couple of hours while she teaches a class today at Cyberscraps so I'll be very occupied for a few hours but I hope to get to play with my sculpey at some point!

I really want to share something that Cass and I are getting up to this coming week but I'll do that later today I think.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been by this week and left comments, or even just popped in for a looksee. I still don't think I'm over the shortlist shock and I had no idea there were so many supportive people waiting to jump in and congratulate me. I've tried to pay that forward and make sure I get around to congratulating some of the other v.talented shortlisted gals too. Thank you again!

Have a fab Saturday. Lotta love, Lu


jilly said...'ve got me intrigued girl!

Jodie said...

i cannot WAIT to see your buttons and what you come up with.
thanks for saying i inspire you :) as do you beautiful to me!!!!

ah wish i could come visit the shop up that way sometime.


Mmmmmmm Slider Love