Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Fancy Pants Stamps winner

Huge hooray for Charmane who was drawn as the winner of the Fancy Pants Chic Alpha stamp set!!!! Charmane if you can email me (my email is in my Blogger profile) your address I can send your stamps to you.

I don't have a RAK for this week as I'm in the shop every day but Thursday so I'm a bit rushed off my feet this week!! I'm enjoying the experience though and I'm here all alone today so if anyone is planning on coming in then please be nice as I'm only new at the whole register/eftpos thingy!!!

I had a lady come in for a class this morning. We usually have a minimum of two people but she was really nice and wanted to get started ASAP on an album for her son so she came in and I helped her around serving a couple of customers. She was so proud of herself when she finished her first layout - I think she was surprised she could do it but I think she's a natural, especially when she told me she had to put a certain photo in a certain place on the layout because that's where the photo told her it wanted to go!!!! Not schizophrenic hearing voices but the inner voice of a freestyle scrapper I might venture!!! She's coming back on Friday as we now have an all day crop on Fridays from 9.30am to 2.30pm (fitting in with mummy times) with $10 covering morning tea (tea, coffee, Coke and something nice from the bakery next door as well as use of all our tools and Sizzix machine, stamps, etc.) and every second Friday night we're going to have a TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) night crop from 6pm until midnight for the real stayers!!! Come along if you can. Give us a ring at the shop and we'll put your name down. Right now it's $10 for tea, coffee, Coke and nibblies but we're tossing up an extra $5 per person to have pizza delivered (don't tell my personal trainer though!!!). We've chocked up the class schedules now so basically we're doing two beginner, an intermediate chipboard techniques class and a more advanced distressing techniques class and they'll just run over and over for the whole month so there will always be at least a few dates and times to choose from if you have trouble fitting classes into your schedule. At the moment we have classes every morning, afternoon and evening (except for Fridays when we crop, Saturday nights and Sunday nights).

Speaking of gym before, I didn't end up going last night :( We had a really late day as I had to close at the shop so didn't leave until 4.45pm and then had to drive to Cass's and pick up the boys who had walked home to her place with her boys (huge TAAAAA to Cass for watching them for me!) then I realised I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer yesterday morning (my bad) so dinner wasn't up until 7.30pm (honestly you'd think I starve those kids on a regular basis the way they whined about it!!! lol) and the gym closes at 8pm so sorry Liam - it just didn't happen last night!

I am going to go tonight though as Blayd has karate from 6.30pm until 8pm so I'll go during those times and pick him up on the way home. Doug is at home today (babysitting Caeligh cos I had to be in the shop today at short notice) so dinner will be Daddy's problem methinks! Oh better ring him and tell him otherwise it will be "what's the number for pizza?" when dinnertime rolls around!

Caeligh was a really good girl last night which more than makes up for her Sunday of terror. She went and put "princess pants" on at bedtime which are basically Pull-Ups which she wears at night in case of accidents and then she went and brushed her hair and brushed her teeth by herself. She was in a really lovely mood and was such a good girl. Doug and I sat and looked at each other and started singing the Twightlight Zone theme song right at the same time!!!! lol Invasion of the body snatchers maybe? I don't know but I'd love for that kind of behaviour to be the norm for her so we gave her lots of kisses and cuddles and praise for being such a good girl. Fingers crossed.....

Hiya Lesh!!!! Sorry I haven't rung but I guess you can tell I'm snowed under YET AGAIN!!!! Oh and talk about a stroke of luck for my little sister - she scored a job at the Roma Street Fire Station. YuMMMMMMYYYY firemen to look at all day long!!!!!! I tell ya girl I'm going to be visiting you for lunch, Cass says she'll come too but please can we eat at the fire station and not go out??? I'll bring something nice and you provide the atmosphere!!! Ga-rowl!!! Delish!!!!

I'm up to my proverbials in sorting out the paperwork for the classes and costings and stuff so I'm going to go but I will be a good Blogger and get back very soon.

Love ya, Lu

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Lus :) said...

hi babe
finally got norton's fixed on sunday night so i can FINALLY comment on blogger again!!!! love ya heaps. got to speak to your dougie yesterday! hope we can touch base soon. thanks for the email i know i owe you one back - forgive me - so flat out atm. congrats on being guest contributor honey too at the Dares! Your layout was outstanding!!!! I was like, "That's my Lu!!!!" love ya heaps,
lus x

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