Thursday, 17 May 2007

A break in the drought!!!! (the pub one that is!!!)

Oh thank goodness - I was starting to believe I'd lost the scrapping plot completely as I haven't had an acceptance from SM in AGES!!!!!! Today they accepted "Part Time Girly Girl" that I did on Monday at the shop. It has the scalloped edges with ribbon through them and the red centred flowers. I liked it at the time, mainly because I used the watercolour pencils on that layout for the first time ever and I was happy with the result of that. I didn't even remember that SM had a Decorative Edges gallery coming up and that's what it was taken for. So I'm doing the happy dance now. There's nothing harsher on the mojo than having at least once acceptance every week and then BAM!! months of submitting stuff that I thought was just as good as the things that had been accepted already but with nothing but slappings every week. I do feel for people who submit, submit, submit and get nothing taken. I can sit here all I like and spout righteous crap about "it shouldn't matter if it's accepted or not", "as long as you like it, it's perfect" etc etc but anyone who has had something accepted knows that it's still a little exciting and I hope that doesn't ever wear off for me. If the buzz of having something accepted evaporated then I don't think I'd bother to submit at all!!!! All said though, when Cass and I sat and inspected our respective slappings today I thought to myself "does it really matter that much?" and I figured it isn't a be all and end all even though it's nice. So don't make it the be all and end all for you if you submit. Unbeknownst to lots of scrappers, the decision to not accept a layout can come down to something as insignificant as space restrictions, or a call being full already or cliche as it sounds it may just not be what they're looking for right now. Slightly harshing but not the end of the world. Worse things have happened to nicer people - that's my life motto these days and it really helps to jerk things swiftly into perspective for me if I'm having a bit of a self indulgent sooky-wah because I've had a layout I like rejected. No biggie.

Because I've decided to let Masters go, the creative juices have really been switched on this week. I got another two layouts done at Cass's place today and that was even with three little kids in the house interrupting every five seconds. One I've still got with me cos I need something from the shop tomorrow to finish it off and the second I'm waiting for darling Cass to scan for me.

OH HEY I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! - if you live in Brisbane and would like to attend a class with the super fab Ngaire Bartlam then I've got some fab news for you!!!! We've got a couple of places left in her upcoming classes at Cyberscraps - this very Saturday 19th May from 2-4pm (be super quick if you want the last couple of places in that one!) and next Wednesday night 23rd May from 7-9pm. The layout Ngaire is going to help you to make is absolutely gorgeous and uses the Basic Grey Stella Ruby range of papers. Ngaire is one popular gal as her work is so amazing and her classes are usually all booked solid so if you're fast you'll still grab a chair and get your chance to learn from the best. The shop number is 3274 5522 - pick up that phone now woman!!!!!!!

We've also got crop day tomorrow so if you're a local and you've got nothing on the cards why not stop in at the shop for a few hours of fun, nattering and most importantly scrapping! We supply morning tea and something delish from the bakery nearby. All you need to bring is whatever you're working on right now, or just bring your gear and some pics and start something new! Cass and I will do our best not to take up the entire table!!!!! lol

Before I go - shout out to my best girl Cass who has ROCKED the brand spankin' new issue of Scrapbooking Memories (Vol 12 which some subscribers have just started receiving) with THREE fantastic layouts and her Real Life, Real Stories article with matching gorgeous layout too!!! WAY TO GO MY FAV GIRL!!!!!! Also a big shout out to the SUPREMELY TALENTED Lusi Austin who's right there along side, ROCKIN' with the best of 'em!!!! Much love to you babe! This month's SM is fabulous and what about that cover?!?!?!?! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Okay now I have to go do some grown up stuff like be a parent and make dinner but I'll be back real soon now ya hear!!!!!!! Later babes, Lu

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kerry said...

Hi Lu,thats fantastic that you got sm this month,i am thinking of submitting to the birthday theme,but i'm not sure wether my entry is good enough can you please look at it and tell me wetehr i should bother.Don't bullshit to me as i have submitted other things and never got anything than no thanks try again.i KNOW THAT WE ALL THINK THAT OUR LAYOUTS RE GREAT but the truth is we are biased.I will post it on my blog and would you please give me your honest opinion no crap
i wont be again .

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