Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Layout sharesies!!!!!

This is one I did last week with the new My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie range. I did make sure I got my three weeks' worth of photos until Caeligh gave up on ballet cos she didn't like being told what to do and just didn't have the attention span for it!!!!

I also did a "commission" layout yesterday - one where the layout is completed already and all you need to do is add your own photo. We've had a couple of people in the shop saying that they love what Cass and I do but either can't be that creative/don't have that kind of time/want something that they can give as a gift so it's a real niche market for those kind of people but it's all pocket money and I don't particularly feel like I'm "selling out" by doing that kind of work. There are also some people who just can't be bothered going to classes, buying all the stuff, etc. They just want a few nice layouts to display around their homes and they don't seem to mind that it isn't their own work so I figure why should I care?

Talk about busy this afternoon!!! I didn't walk out of the shop until 5.30 and Doug was on the phone because he was going out tonight with a mate and of course it was the one day I didn't get out of the shop dead on time!!! lol So he's not a particularly happy camper but I did my best to get home as soon as I could so he kind of slapped a kiss on me as we passed in the front yard, him leaving with his mate and me just walking in. Sweet thing had already put a roast chicken in the oven to cook for everyone and the kids were all settled when I got back so not much for me to do now except feed, bath and put to bed! He's a champ my Dougie!!!!

Tomorrow I will get around to getting a dress for the races on Saturday. Monday just didn't pan out in the greater scheme of things and to be honest I didn't really have the spare cash until now anyhow so Cass and I are just going to bite the bullet and go to the DFO with our three littlies and do the best we can.

I think I'm going to enter Scrapbook Creation's Colour Consultant contest they have announced in the latest issue. I have a layout in mind that I love so I'll use that. It's only one layout per person though, even though they have three different colour schemes to choose from and you need to send the actual layout to them. That makes me a bit nervy but what can you do?

Friday night is our first TGIF crop night at the shop. From 6pm until midnight we're going to be scrapping our little hearts out with tea, coffee, Coke and pizza plus use of our equipment for $15 per person and naturally people can buy any other supplies they wish to use while they are there. There'll be music and chatter and scrapping and I can't wait!!!!! If you want to come give the shop a ring and book your good self a seat - we'd love to see you!

Ali Stafford came into the shop today to teach a class. That girl is a hoot!!!!! Oh she got on with Cass and I like a house on fire and we found so many things to laugh and chat about. We're scrapping together on Monday so I totally can't wait for that. She's so much fun and a really lovely gal as well. How cool is it that this craft brings friends as well as fulfillment?????!!!!!! Absolutely cool!!!!!
Hey Lusi thanks for the phone call last night! I know you are super-busy so I appreciate you taking the time out. Now it's my turn to ring you!!!!! Loved the SC layouts btw - saw them today when I bought my copy - stunning as usual my dear!!!!!

Have a good night my lovelies and I'll talk to you tomorrow! Luvva Luvva Lu!!!!

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