Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Oh I did a bad thing!!!

Poor Caeligh has been getting really jack of her long hair in the last week, having it always in her mouth, in her food and generally getting in her way. She has only ever had one tiny trim in her whole life as I guess I was determined that if I finally got a little girl I'd grow her hair long and it would be beautiful - which I did and it is but I realised how upset she was getting when no matter how many clips I put in it, it wouldn't keep out of her face. I felt a bit bad then and realised I was keeping it long for my sake and really she wasn't enjoying having long hair anyway. At 3 it's just a pain in the ass to have to brush it out twice per day and have it plaited before bed to try to keep down the knots and no matter which style I did it in, she would pull out her pony tail, piggy tails or plaits during the day anyway and go back to looking a bit like Cousin It!
So yesterday - before I lost my nerve - I took her to get her hair cut!!!! EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!
But as you can see we only went as far as shoulder length and I had a fringe cut back in for her. It looks just gorgeous on her actually and I was so surprised at how pretty she looks. Certainly looks different than she used to!!! lol She didn't give the hairdresser too much trouble and she even said she liked the new cut so that's good. I can't wait to take her to kindy today and watch them all gasp in horror!!! They all love her long hair even if they do have to keep re-doing her ponytail five times a day but I'm sure they'll get used to it quickly when they see what a stunner she is now.
I've already been to the gym this morning because Doug's going out tonight so no time to do it later. Jumped on the scales again this morning too before I left. 85.7kg!!!! That's a good result as when I start at the gym two weeks ago I was 88.9kgs!!!!! I have cut back on the junk in my diet and replaced breakfast with a protein shake (the pre-made ones from Woolworths, there are a few different brands but I think I get the PLP ones and they're v.yummy which is completely necessary if I'm going to try things like that otherwise I just don't stick with them) but it's obviously been the exercise that's made all the difference and I'm really happy. It means I'm only 200g off my halfway point of shedding the 6kg (which actually was more like 8kg when I took a good honest look at the scales) that I've put on since Christmas. I'm really enjoying the gym but when I went in this morning I was told they are having a "take over" on Friday and so we don't know if they gym will be open or not. Apparently all our direct debits have been put on hold so we won't be paying anything until it's sorted out but I feel bad for the staff because they're all so motivational and really helpful. I also like that gym. The big gym at Forest Lake is full of muscles and beautiful people and I don't want to have to look at them every time I walk in (and have to wait for machines either cos they're so busy) which is why I chose the one I went to. It's quiet as the people who go there are sort of more spread out during the day instead of just crazy busy in the mornings and after dinner at night. I love that I've NEVER had to wait for a machine and I've usually been there either 9am-ish after dropping off kids or after dinner at about 6.30pm or so. I so hope things work out and the owners can let someone else take over if they can't continue and the lovely staff won't lose their jobs and I don't lose my gym!!!! I can't think of anywhere else in Forest Lake that I'd want to go instead so it's going to put a real crimp in the whole weight loss thing if the gym closes. Fingers crossed for Friday. The owners apparently came in a couple of nights ago after the gym closed and took things that they owned like the lockers from the change rooms, the cash register, the computer and the data projectors for the big screen tv's and the poor trainers came in the next morning thinking they'd been robbed before they rang the owners to tell then and then heard what actually happened. I think it's unfair that they've been given so little notice as well.
I'm off to the shop today to do some commission layouts which means that basically I do a layout without a photograph and leave a space for someone to put their own photo in. I don't understand commission work myself, I've always set the direction of my layouts from the photo but apparently there are people who don't have time, the inclination or self-confidence to do layouts themselves and are happy to pay for a pre-made layout. Oh well, if it works it's all pocket money.
Have a good day chickies! Cya, Lu

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