Monday, 14 May 2007

Super quick update (edited: sorry it isn't quick at all!!!!!)

Hiyall!!!!! Sorry I haven't been in lately!!! One of those weeks where I've had a gazillion things to do but I guess you have had heaps to do as well and you've still found time to stop by and see if that woman has updated her bloody blog yet!!! lol

Week in review:

Thursday Cass and I took Lily, Ronin and Caeligh with us to the DFO to find outfits to wear to the races. Cass had a hugely successful day, finding an incredible outfit, dress, shoes, fascinator, handbag etc all for the bargain price of under $50!!! Way to go babe! I had the usual issue of being too chubba on the bottom half to find a dress that would fit everywhere so was a bit disappointed (the kind of disappointed that made me go home and eat a whole family block sized Kit Kat - like that will help the situation at all! - but hey at least I recognise that I comfort eat!!!). I did however find a pair of cherry red peep toe 4inch platform heels from Portmans that were only $9.95 (I suspect it's because they are totally impracticable to move in and they recognised that) and a matching clutch purse. Wanted to design the whole outfit around the shoes - how Imelda is that????

Friday I went into the shop late after going to Stones Corner to the factory outlets to see if I could find something there. No dresses again but a top that I liked on the rack but it turned out Saturday morning that it made me look six months' gone when I put it on and the hem fell at the widest part of my body - so not a good look - more Kit Kats required.......... Friday afternoon it was the mad dash around Garden City to find white pants for the unfortunate top (which I didn't realise was unfortunate until Saturday morning!) but settled for red 3/4 pants instead which at least went with the shoes I bought! Sat up for two hours making my fascinator - yes cos people stare fascinatedly at that thing on your head that looks like roadkill with feathers!!!! V. happy with it though and I will post a pic shortly. Made from scratch by moi, feathers, netting etc all to boot!!! I may even consider making them to sell I'm so pleasantly surprised at mine!!! lol

Race Day Saturday - got ready and was EXTREMELY unhappy with top I bought the day before - the kind of unhappy that makes you want to gouge your eyes out and cry and scream and not leave the house at all because you hate how you look. I like to think I'm fairly happy with myself and can deal with anything but it threw me that day cos I was already unhappy that I couldn't find a dress and holy crap how mad was I when the top didn't look any good either????????? So found a substitute top, threw on pants, put on the heels and tottered around like an idiot, put on minimal make up except for siren red lippie and fascinator. Happy enough that I will leave the house but still pissed that I am not wearing a cute little dress like virtually EVERY OTHER FEMALE AT THE RACECOURSE!!!!! Had a blast at the races, no winning bets, saw EVERMORE play live - absolutely fabulous and because we won the tickets through Triple M we got to meet them afterwards. Lovely boys they were too although a bit jetlagged from getting back from NEW YORK only two days before but not wanting to admit they were tired. Hey we're mothers - we know what tired boys look like!!!! lol They were very sweet, answered questions, signed autographs for us and were thoroughly nice to us. By that stage many were plastered so their patience was amazing!!! Then they had to go play at the Zoo but wish we could have kicked on with them! I changed my nose stud before I left the house in the morning - OWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Sunday Mother's Day - woken at 8am with small hands thrusting hand made cards at me along with a Mother's Day stall bought gift of a magenta pink crocheted doiley (which by the way I love) and a notebook and pencil for my handbag (so sad when my six year old even knows how badly Mummy needs to write stuff down in order for it to be remembered!!!! lol) plus a little box of lollies. My big boys didn't come home until after lunch. We went to the Rocklea markets in the morning and I appropriately got a lovely bunch of white Crysanthemums, a book to read and some chocolate fudge which I love. When Blayd and Lachie came home they gave me a furry love heart thingy and I've hung it on my bedroom door handle and Blayd gave me a lovely china mug that says Mum in nice pink filigree writing. They were all so proud of what they got me that I didn't even want anything else!!!

Today I went to work at the shop and got three whole layouts done! So impressed with myself! The fantastic and very funny and lovely Ali Stafford came to hang out with us for a few hours and we all laughed ourselves silly with observations about the scrapping world and life in general. She's a v.funny gal and can't wait for next Monday Ali if you're reading!!!! I did a layout about Caeligh for Aussie Dares which this fortnight is about wings and crowns. The only prob is that I borrowed a lyric from Avril Levigne's "Girlfriend" song and I don't know if anyone will display it now because it contains a profanity - which mind you I bleeped out with gem flowers!!!! But now I'm not sure anyone will show it and I certainly have no intention of submitting it!!! It was just a classic picture of Caeligh throwing her best Princess Poo Bum face over I can't even remember what but it was so funny to see a cranky girl with a crown and big flower wings!!! Here's hoping nobody's easily offended.......!

I've got some typing to do that I don't want to do, a sore nose because I cleaned the bath with some horrible stinky bleach stuff which I then accidentally got on my hands and then scratched my nose with, and I think I'm going to Cass's tomorrow to work on my Masters entry which to be totally honest isn't motivating me in the slightest because deep down I don't think it's my time yet so I don't feel really pumped to get into anyway. I do however think it's Cass's year so I'm all behind my favourite gal to get her stuff finished. I don't even know why I don't think it's my time but it's just a gut feeling I've got and I've learned not to ignore those cos they're usually right if only I'd listen. Okay well tomorrow I'll scan what I've done today and you'll just have to excuse the slight profanity in the crown and wings layout when you see it. I'm quoting someone else after all and it suits perfectly so I'm relinquishing responsibility to Avril from now on! I'm off to have a nice glass of red and watch the tail end of Mythbusters before Supernatural comes on. A surprisingly good night tonight where all four kids have been mostly good - okay who sedated them?????

Huge thanks for Mum and Lesh who came over last night so we could have a look at Lesh's seriously buggered computer which is her strongest link to her boy in the States. It is on the road to recovery babe I promise!!!! It was nice to have Mum here on Mother's Day (she's my birth mother and it's all a bit awkward as we don't know what we're supposed to do but I really like her as a person and she and I are so alike it's not funny - so I guess if I were to have met her through chance I would have connected with her anyway I suspect!). This might be a bit belated but thanks Joy - you gave birth to me and then made the hardest decision of your life to give me to somebody else to raise. I can't thank you enough for making the decision to continue with the pregnancy when it must have been so hard from every direction and I am in awe of your courage to relinquish me which must have broken your heart. Thank you and I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!

Well I'm off chickies (not like a bucket of prawns in the sun though!) and I'll check in soon again I promise! Hi to Jilly and also to Lusi who's such a constant even though we don't get to chat as much as we'd like! Also a big hi to the Cyberscraps forum girls - I know you lurk here even if you don't say hi!!!! lol I'll catch up on my forum posts soon too I promise. Also hi to my gorgeous and lovely cousin Angela - dont' be disappointed babe, there's always next month and I have everything here when you need it.

Big kisses and a totally cliche MWAHHHHH!!!!! Love ya's all!!!!!!! Love Lu


lus :) said...

hi gorgeous woman. loved your update! glad you had a lovely mother's day mate and that you had fun with Ali too :)
Take care sweet!
Love lUs x

Janet said...

Hey sweet thang.. I love catching up on your hectic life on here... I don't know how you fit it all in... you make me dizzy just reading about it...



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