Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mojo is going strong - but only for fun stuff!!!

Two more layouts from my time at the shop today. Very quiet customer wise, as is the case with most of the shops along the street however. We're starting to wonder if our customers have been snatched by aliens this week!!!! lol The top layout was done with watercolour pencils. I kind of got a bit hooked after the flowers on Caeligh's layout from Monday and went a bit bananas this time!!! Loved the result though and I'll definitely play around a bit more with them. The rock layout is a little more my style and those itty bitty Making Memories alphas are a pain in the ass but I really like how they turned out! Only problem is that I use "h" far more than I had ever realised so had to buy another packet of them just for that one letter!!! lol
I'm off to pour myself a glass of red. I'm going to surprise Doug with a night sort of alone - as alone as you can get as a couple in a house with four children anyway - and feed, bath and send the kidlets off to watch a movie, something I never ever usually do during the week. I feel like I've really neglected him in the past couple of weeks and right now the distance feels just enormous and I hate that so much. He's my rock and does everything for me and I don't like to think that he is feeling neglected or apart from me. He's so patient that he won't ever crack up about it either, just wait for me to sort of come back into orbit and get back to our usual closeness. Just feels like it's taken too long this time so I'm going to have to make more effort.
Have a nice evening chickies! Talk to you tomorrow, Lu

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