Friday, 4 May 2007

Still alive!!!

Hiyall! Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here! It's been one of those weeks where everything has kind of caught up with me and all I've wanted to do is sit on the couch and vegetate! So that's pretty much what I've I worked Monday, Tuesday (cos Cath was sick), Wednesday and again today so I feel like I have barely been home this week.

I've been finally (FINALLY!!!) hit with inspiration for Masters and have all my ideas sorted out. Mind you I haven't actually DONE anything with the ideas but at least I've written them down so I remember what to do when I get a minute. The single layout is going to be an idea I've had for a while now but for electrical safety reasons I have had to modify (don't even ask - hopefully eventually you'll see - when the Masters edition comes out!!!! lol talk about wishful thinking), the double layout I have the design sorted out for but still umming and ahhing on the topic, the decorative storage solution is going to be the weakest part of my entry because I just couldn't come up with anything AMAZING, so it's just going to be average and hope that the rest of the entries are good enough to carry it along, and the mini album about me is so totally removed from an actual album that I hope it still qualifies!!! and it will also require some flame retardant I have you thinking yet???? Yep "what the ??????" is exactly right!

I'm in for a busy weekend this weekend. I'm off to the gym tonight and my little sis is coming with me. Tomorrow I have a date with Miss Cass and the Stitches and Craft show in the afternoon. There are a few ideas I need to work on for the Masters stuff and I'm sure I'm going to need supplies from the show and Cass is giving me some spending monies for my birthday on Sunday so that's where the cash is going to go. Gee I hope SM appreciate me spending my birthday money on this stuff!!!! lol Tomorrow night I think Cass and I were going to take the fams to have sushi somewhere and then on Sunday I hopefully won't have to do much of anything. Monday Cass and I are going to the DFO to go clothes shopping - again something that rarely ever happens except for a special occasion - and the occasion this time is that Cass and I both won tickets from Triple M to go to their Trackside Party at Doomben next Saturday. Evermore are playing which is v.exciting!!!! Even more exciting is the open bar and full buffet lunch!!!! Still more exciting is an excuse to dress up to the extent that I will need a hat or a fascinator of some kind. I've never been to the races ever and I couldn't care less about the gee-gees basically but I do love an excuse to dress up and have a party so I'm looking forward to it. It's also a day out for the grown-ups too and we all know how rare that is. I did have a fascinator kit that I bought from Spotlight (a fascinator is a bunch of netting and feathers and stuff you wear perched on your noggin - I guess it's called a fascinator because people stare in fascination, wondering what the f**k is that on your head lady?????"). Anyhoo back to the fascinator - I bought a kit with a big black netting flower and some long black and red feathers but in true scrapper style I dismantled the flower and feathers and used them on a layout instead!!!! lol Oh well - a month ago I never knew I'd need a fascinator but I did know I needed some black netting and feathers for a layout idea. So back to the drawing board and I hope I find something useable at the DFO. I don't even own a dress so goodness knows what I'll end up with but I really want to try and find one. The prob is my bottom half is a size bigger than my top half so dresses always gape up top and grab my bum, tum and hips like a drunk in a bar down the bottom and it never looks right so I just don't bother.

Well I'd best go as I have to perform some kind of culinary magic with little or no food in the kitchen - Doug did the shopping last week and for some reason didn't buy any meat so I may have to duck out shortly and get something for the hoards to eat before I go to the gym.

Later babes, Lu

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