Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Chugging along

Another up late and up early again so I can get the typing finished. I hate typing now that I'm working in the shop instead but every bit of income counts and I don't like watching Doug worry about the money thing if I can be doing more to help. The typing isn't hard or difficult, just no fun! But I was a good girl and did all of my dermatologist's stuff last night and even invoiced him (aren't I an efficient girl?!?!) and did half of the cardiologist's stuff last night and I'm in the midst of finishing off the rest as I type - or as I should be typing that is!
I got some layouts done at the shop yesterday - not exactly for the shop and not for Masters either! My bad........ I don't know what it is about Masters this year. Last year I was slack about it even though I wanted it and still didn't get my stuff done until the last week so naturally it was crap and this year I thought I wanted it too but watching Cass power ahead with her absolutely amazing entry has really slowed me down. It's as though I'm being told to wait and that it isn't my time yet so I don't even feel bad about not wanting to enter now, just accepting that I will have a go next year. I just honestly feel like it isn't my time and it's one of those really constantly nagging feelings I've learned that I'm not supposed to ignore. Why would it not be my time, I hear you ask??? I ask the same thing but it feels right to let it go this year and I'm ver at peace with that. Besides I have every faith that Cass will go all the way as SM love her to bits (as we all do!!! and so they should as well) and I know that it can take up a certain amount of time from a scrapper's life to be involved in something like Masters. I am totally hapy to sit back and enjoy her success with her. I also haven't had nearly as much pubbed as Cass has and another twelve months to build my publication resume wouldn't hurt either I don't think. I haven't been offered a product challenge by SM yet and I'd really like to snare one of those or a cover first, as I think those sort of things help you to build a bit of a rep that I don't have yet and I'm positive that counts when they look at Masters entries. I'm sure that as soon as SM get some people's entries they already stick them in the shortlisted pile as they know they will be consistently good and I'd like to be one of those people, just maybe not this year. I can hear Cass's wails of horror right now as she reads this but I can't change what the universe is telling me!
So my layouts from Monday.....

The first one is a bit of a muck around with watercolour pencils which I haven't used before and the second is a layout using Marah Johnson Intentions paper. I love the stuff to bits but it can be really hard to work with sometimes. I love the pattern on the paper so much that I struggle with covering it up, even with a photo!!!!! Here's hoping some nice mag will like them as much as me!!!! lol

Okay off to tend to the screeching tribes and get up and out of here for the day! Chat to ya later chickies!!!! Love, Lu

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Ali :-) said...

Oh Lu :o( You're not entering?!? I can understand that you need to follow your heart, mate - but don't let a lack of publications be the reason for not entering, ok? Honestly, when I was lucky enough to be chosen (many, many, MANY moons ago! LOL) I was scared shitless because my acceptance tally was only around ***2*** when Lyndal called me to say I'd been chosen as a Master. I was so frightened that they'd made a mistake and if they *hadn't* made a mistake - people were going to see my name on the list and think, "Who the F*** is she? I've not noticed HER name around before!" Which they probably did! But it just doesn't matter. They select you because they like the work that you've submitted - not whether you have a *name* or a *rep* (at least - it wasn't like that back then).

Dammit - I've written a freaking novel! But if you truly don't think it's your time to enter, follow your gut instincts. But I for one would love to see you make the list this year (with gorgeous Cass!) I'll be rooting for you both!!!

Ali :o) xoxo

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