Sunday, 20 May 2007

Work, work, work today!

I opened the shop today as Cath had her son's school fete on (which I hope went really well btw!). I had planned to finish off a layout that I started on Friday but when I got into the shop I realised I had left the plastic layout carrier at home - with the layout in it!!! I took it out of the car on Friday night to show Doug's mother my most recent stuff and It's still here in the house!!! DUH FOR ME! So I had to start something new which irks me cos the Friday layout is still unfinished and now I have to type this evening so I won't get a chance to finish it off then either. I had a photo of Ronin (my nephew, Cass's littlest boy) in a quiet moment at the Good Friday photo shoot. Now Ronin, like my Caeligh, is a real little tearaway and quiet moments are few and far between so I thought it was worth scrapping. I haven't had a chance to scan it yet but maybe I can have it up tomorrow. My mum and little sister came in to keep me company and watch me scrap - I've warned them to be careful cos once you're bitten by the scrapping bug it's all downhill from there for your wallet and free time!!!! lol

I've also done my layout for the Cyberscraps GET REAL Challenge for May - scrapping your mistakes that you've learned from. I chose to scrap about my decision to get married very young and for not all the right reasons. The journalling takes up most of the layout but I'm still really happy with the result. It's another one that I have to ask the delightful Cass to scan for me so I can put it up.

The only other thing I've done is a layout on Lachlann and his (almost) favourite amusement - dominos. The plastic kind that you line up in complicated rows and designs and then tip the first one and watch the domino effect as they all topple one after the other. Can't believe how much he enjoys playing with them, rows, circles, even creates obstacle courses to see if it will work that way!

I've got work on at the shop tomorrow and can't wait until Ali pops in to scrap with us. Is Monday morning too early to open Woodies to scrap with?????? Most likely yes I'm afraid though the Coke will be definitely flowing!

Cass has made me agree that if I'm not doing Masters this year then I should submit for Elite Team instead. That's only a five layout portfolio which I think is much more achievable for me right now than the Masters tasks as I'm on a roll with layouts and don't feel like doing much else. I'm also going to submit for SC's colour comp with a black and green layout I did about my boys' disgusting messy bedroom. I did warn them that if they didn't keep it clean I'd do a layout about it and mummies everywhere would get to see how piggy their room looks!!!! I hope SC will pub it - just so I can use it as parental ammo for them to finally tidy up. It smells like a science experiment in there and I won't even go under the bed - I don't know who or what I'd find!!!!
A HUGE THANKYOU to whoever the kind person was who sent me a RAK this week!!!! I got three ziploc bags full of bits and bobs and I can't wait to use them! I hope the RAK-er doesn't mind that Lachlann wants to share them too - he said it felt like Christmas watching me open the bags and spread everything out! I've promised him I'll scan some of his layouts and give him his own album on Cyberscraps - I will get around to it eventually!

I can't think of much else right now. Pizza for dinner tonight at the MIL's request (her birthday) and once we explained to her that things like Thai and Indian involved curries she decided to stick with something a little safer. That reminds me that I have to look at the cross-trainer in KMart this week which is on special. My gym did end up closing and I guess it's currently awaiting someone else to take it over and re-brand etc but in the meantime I'll have to start exercising of my own free will or I'll just put every kilo back on that I've lost in the last month and we just cannot have that!

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend or at least had fun if you had to run about like mumma taxis and mad chickens! Love to ya's, Lu

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kerry said...

Hi Lu,
Thanks for commenting on my blog.I didn't think that you could submit layouts that you got as a kit with instructions as it is other peoples work.That was Zina Wrights stuff in the brown layout.She is really an amazing scraper.Love your layouts that you have been donig latley.Good to see you back on the forum tonight.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love