Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sorry to have been away so long!!!!!

Where to begin??? Busy week (aren't they all!) with working at the shop, trying to get the June class timetable finished and generally I had a week last week where I felt like the universe had it in for me! One thing after another went wrong and didn't stop the whole week and I wondered about a million times what I'd done to deserve it!!! I did the whole June class timetable and then it didn't save properly so that was an hour or so of work gone. It's not hard to re-do, just a pain in the butt to have to re-do, then my 12yo got a toothache and had to come home from school. We gave him something for the pain but by that night it was getting worse and he was a crying mess so we gave him Panadeine which by 5am the next morning had him vomiting all over the place for hours on end so no more painkillers for him! So I dragged the whole tribe to the school dental hospital only to be told that they don't do walk in emergencies any more. He's crying, still vomiting and howling and they refused to see him!!!!! They told me to call a number on the card they gave me and that I could come back when they had an appoitment available. They said even if poor Blayd sat there all day they'd still see the booked appointments first. So they can't see him until at least late that afternoon they tell me on the phone after I've put them all back in the car, driven to the shop and used the phone there. So in desperation I ring Doug and tell him that I can't bear to see the kid in so much pain so I drove him to a very kind and lovely private dentist that I go to sometimes. We don't have private cover so $200 freaking bucks later he walks out again. It was something that had to be fixed and wouldn't have gone away on its own but the money really stung and I had to have all four kids at home for the rest of the day and couldn't get any typing done so I had to stay up til midnight Thursday night typing and then up again at 4am on Friday to get the rest finished. By Friday I was frazzled to say the least. My 9yo was attempting to break the record for how much of an @#%hole he could be in one week and then Cass had to leave the shop early on Friday because her little one got a temp (which was fixed with a shot of panadol and a bag of chips) so I got to man the post alone for the rest of the day. Then I had to go shopping for Blayd's birthday presents Friday night and didn't get home until 7pm so dinner was rushed. Saturday I had to work in the shop for a few hours and then my sister came over to stay the night because we were taking her, along with Doug's mother plus our four kids and Cass's son to Movieworld on the Sunday.

Movieworld was so much fun. My sister does all the rides and this year, for the first time, Blayd has been big enough to go on everything and finally brave enough too. So he, Scott, Lesha and I went on absolutely everything. It was terrifying on things like the Batwing Spaceshot and the Superman Escape but that was the reason I made myself do them. I was a bit scared but I was going to be damned if I'd let fear stop me from going on something that was probably lots of fun. So I gritted my teeth and had the best time. I'll post some pics later when I've got a bit more time cos I'm borrowing Cass's computer right now but let's just say it was serious fun!!!

I've decided on my tattoo as well - it's the Marah Johnson winged heart on her transparency sheet and I'm going to keep it that large size too. I'm then going to have written inside the heart "feel the fear and do it anyway" - I think Erica De Jong said that - feminist I believe but let me know if I'm wrong - about who said it and if they were a feminist or not!!! Movieworld showed me that if I had let fear stop me from going on those rides I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. It's okay to be scared but it shouldn't stop you, that's my thinking. I spent the drive home thinking about what I'd have missed out on if I'd let fear stop me that day, and I thought about how my life would be different if I'd let fear stop me from leaving my unhappy first marriage, if I'd let fear stop me from submitting my layouts, lots of things really. That kind of ties back to my little goals I've had for the last couple of years, doing things I've always wanted to do but have been a bit scared to do. So that's the plan and I'm going to start saving up to get it done but I'll have to price it first. If you know of anyone in Brisbane that you would totally trust to ink your body for life then please let me know. I want to be sure I get someone who knows what they're doing and will be able to do exactly what I want - all very hygenically of course!!! lol

I'll be back later when I've got some more time but have a cool day chickies!!!! Love, Lu


Louise said...

Ooooh great choice for a tattoo WTG!!!!
Im a butterfly x 3 girl myself [boring - lol] :) :)

kerry said...

Oh Lu ,
Its not my cup of tea but if that is what you want go for it.Just the thought of having needles stuck in me is enough.You always have a full life so there isn't much that you do not fit into a day.Ten days to go and i will be at the shop Wednesday the 13th of June i think .So you cass and Cath better be there i will let you know what time i will be comingcan't wait to meet you crazy guys.x0xx0

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