Saturday, 3 March 2007

Definition of love

I don't know about you guys but sometimes Doug and I find ourselves lying in bed and having THE chat, about why we're together and what we like about each other. It's a fun reminder of why we're here together rather than with anybody else. He gave me the usual reasons last night "I love you", "you're fun to be with", "you make me laugh" and then he came out with one that I've never EVER heard him say before. It brought a whole new meaning to how much our relationship means to both of us because it's definitely reciprocal but I've just never put it in the same words as him before.

He said "You get me".......I can't believe how powerful those three words were and it suddenly brought home to me how much I meant to him, far more than any of the usual reasons people give for being together. He considers me the one person in the whole world who knows him inside and out and understands and accepts him completely, why he is the person he is, why he lives, loves and laughs the way he does. I actually had a bit of a Kleenex moment!!!!

I just thought I'd share because it's going to make it's way onto a layout over the weekend because to me it's a significant moment in our relationship and I want our kids to one day be able to read and know exactly how much we love each other and why. Hopefully it will help them to make the right choices down the track when it comes to finding someone to share their lives with.

That's so cool when a layout virtually creates itself in your head in only a split second!!! Can't wait to get started on that but I also have to do my Cyberscraps Get Real Challenge for this month. I asked what did people want to be when they grew up. Not what their parents thought they should be or the "sensible" choice but as a child what was their real burning desire to be? I'll give you a free laugh and say I wanted to be a pop star - urm Kylie Minogue to be exact!!! lol Obvioulsy things haven't panned out for me in that department (DUH!!!!) but for a long time it was a very cherished and very realistic plausible career choice! So I'll be doing a layout about that. Cass wanted to be a movie star and I'm so proud of her that she is still pursuing her passion for acting, letting it run its parallel course along with the rest of her life. Maybe I should go and tick karaoke off the big list and I could say I've "touched the dream" just a little!!!

OOOHHHH OH OH OH OH!!!!! Very exciting news - we've got the keys to the new shop and we've started decorating and getting the shopfittings ready!!!! Even better is the large frame that will go in the front window today (hopefully) with three rows of three 12x12 frames in it that Cass and I are going to put some of our favourite layouts in to show people what the shop's all about before we open. If you're local or nosy or want to know where we are, the address is 32 Ainsworth Street, Salisbury (right opposite the Salisbury Bowls Club). We're right next to the second hand bookshop. Today also the carpet is going in and Cath, Cass and I are all going to go in and have a look around, get a touchy feel of the new painted walls, the new carpet and get a "feel" for our new place. It will also give us a chance to see exactly where everything is going to go. Up until now we've only been able to peek through the vertical blinds and look at a dark empty space but now we can have a pace around and see just how much room we have to work with. We want to be able to do everything in the space we've got so the shop will suit as many people as possible but until we see how successful (or not but I'd rather not think about that!!!) we are going to be we will have to work with the size of the shop that we have but it would be nice down the track to say we're doing so well that we'll need to move to one of the other shops further up that are bigger. Fingers crossed and we'll see how it all goes.........

Blayd will be at cricket and I hope he doesn't get rained out. Good luck baby!!!!

I hope you went and did something to make yourself feel special yesterday or maybe you can do something today. It's Saturday after all!!! Even if you have the drudgery of kids, housework or a job to go to take a moment to prettify your lovely self!!!!

Have a fab Saturday and thanks for stopping by. Remember to swing past and check out where we'll be opening if you're a local or you're in the area. We can't wait to fling open the door and meet everyone because I think having a scrapping shop is as much about making friendships as it is about creating layouts. Look forward to seeing you!!!

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