Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Yay Marah Johnson winner and layout share

Hi all, thanks to everyone who came by my blog and left comments over the weekend. Good to see that somebody's havin' some fun!!!! lol Anyway the winner randomly drawn by Her Royal Highness is......drumroll please.........Jas!!!!

Jas if you want to email me your addy I can put your goodies in the post for you!!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend btw! I've actually not been blogging much lately because I've been getting more scrapping done! Shock horror!!!! Now that I have set working hours because I've successfully negotiated an hourly rate instead of a piece rate I don't have to work myself into the ground any more to do as much as I can to get paid each week. It's a huge relief and I'm very thankful. So here's a layout I finished yesterday. I did another one last night but it's not scanned yet so I'll share once that's done. For this layout I actually bought a fascinator kit from Spotlight - you know the ridiculous foofy, feathery things we girls wear on our heads at race meetings if you aren't a hat person? Yeah those things. Well I bought one with black netting, black ribbon and brownish-red feathers, took it all to pieces and used it on this layout along with an upholstry fabric sample and a few other bits and bobs. It's actually really heavy which is different for me! Love the end result though. It's called "Is Forever Too Much To Ask?" and of course it's about my gorgeous Scottish sexy beast Douglas!!!! I did originally want to do just a straight BG Scarlet's Letter layout or a Marah Johnson Love Struck layout but neither seemed to work 100% so I used both and the result was definitely better!

I'm off to get some more work done now so I'll pop back in later and post my Marah Johnson layout. Thanks to Cass from whom all good scan come!!!!!!

Cya, Lu

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