Sunday, 4 March 2007

Happy Birthday To My (not so) Baby Girl!!!

Well Her Royal Highness is 3 today!!! What an amazing three years they have been. Our lives have definitely been changed forever by the arrival of one tiny baby girl in a house full of lots of boys and me, the token female! I was beginning to wonder if the only Barbie dolls I'd ever buy would have to be for myself!

Naturally Caeligh has been up since sparrow fart, not even daylight yet so we all got dragged out of bed for the present opening ceremony. She's done okay for herself too! She got a pink and purple Leap Pad for reading, two new Barbies, a huge Dora The Explorer playdough set and moulds, new clothes, lots of plastic shiny princessy jewellery, a dress up set complete with $2 plastic "hooker shoes" as I call them, a paint-your-own-suncatcher set, even more hair accessories, a set of bouncy balls, a box of seashell chocolates (thanks to Lachie for the idea because he figured if he bought her chocolates she'd have to share them with him - overly optimistic little soul he is!!!) and a few other bits and pieces. Her gran has bought her the pram and she'll be over later no doubt. Then we have to go and get her brothers from their dad's place and I believe the plan is to go to Crazy Critters for a play. Right now she's settled in front of the "tee wee" while clutching a pile of Dora playdough moulds to her chest.

Talk about surprising - Caeligh had opened everything and stood to survey her haul when she looked up at Doug and I and said "thank you for all my presents Mummy and Dad". I was completely gobsmacked for a second, and then I had an indulgent moment of thinking I obviously hadn't done such a sucky job of being a mum if the 3 year old gets the concept that we had to go out and buy all her presents and then thinks to thank us for them!!!

I don't know what breakfast will be yet. We usually let the birthday kid pick what they want (within reason of course - Froot Loops haven't featured on our birthday menu here in quite a few years now - the whole day of tears and hyperactivity just isn't worth it) but I think it might be pancakes or toast with a smiley face imprinted on it. Oh speaking of food now I've got to go and get myself organised to make her cake. Unfortunately pretty much all of the decorations you see in the shops and bakeries are loaded with artificial colours, flavours and preservatives which means that only Lachie could eat them (Blayd, James and Caeligh all have food intolerance issues) so I'll have to buy a cheap piping bag set while we're out and about today so I can make icing using the natural plant based food colourings I bought a little while back.

I'm off to take breakfast orders and to see what the birthday girl is up to!

Have a relaxing Sunday (if you can!).

Cya, Lu

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lusi said...

Happy belated birthday darling Caeligh!!! Sorry we missed it! Hope it was reeeeeeeeally super spesh! HOw cute are those pics Lu! I so owe you a phone call hey!
Lots a love to all :)
Lus x

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