Thursday, 1 March 2007

Thursday Meltdown......

Aren't there some days you wake up and you just know it's all gonna go to hell in a handbasket and there's nothing you can do about it????? Today is that day - in my house at least (although after quick chat to Cass maybe it's her day like that too).

I woke up cranky (not really sure why - not PMS as I can't be bothered with monthlies so just take my pill continuously for four months at a time) so it wasn't the best start on my part. It just went downhill from there with the two older boys not wanting to get up and get going. I walked through what can only be described as a complete pigsty - not my boys' rooms, just the whole house!!!!! I try to do quick pick ups and vacuums during the week to keep the mess down and then on the weekends I do a bit more. Doug usually handles all the laundry during the week but it's a matter of getting it down to the actual laundry. Today though the whole house was awful, clothes left in the hallway instead of in the laundry basket in the bathroom, the bathroom floor covered in clothes, wet towels (from last night - see what they do when mums go to bed early???), magazines, bath toys, old toilet rolls (because hell a bin would be too good for those), the lounge room had baskets of laundry, breakfast bowls from the littlies, cups from last night, piles of magazines shoved all over the coffee table instead of in a neat stack, toys, rubbish, old newspapers on the couch, the kitchen was covered in breakfast and lunch making stuff by the time every body left and the sink was full (the saving grace was that somebody had turned the dishwasher on so that's why the sink got used instead), there were dirty tea towels on the floor and a GOOD TOWEL used to mop up milk someone had spilled.

Honestly I just walked from room to room feeling the veins in my neck bulging ever more each second as I surveyed the mess. I often wonder how people are happy to live like that all the time. I can't handle it even for a day anymore. I used to be a complete slob and once upon a time I wouldn't have cared but I know myself well enough now that I have more patience, better mental clarity and I'm happier if the house is tidy. I guess it's because I know that in the pecking order, even though scrapping is my favourite activity, it comes way behind everything else so all that crap has to get done first.

As Cass says, anger is a powerful cleaner!!!! So far I've done a couple of loads of washing, brought some more in, picked up in the loungeroom, walked about with a garbage bag picking stuff up, taken all the washing downstairs to the laundry and I've purposely turned the shower onto the bathroom floor to flood it - I've come to the conclusion that it's the only way to really properly clean the floor. I'm sick of mops and brushes that just move the hair and dust around which grosses me out so badly. So I got my super duper toilet cleaner (the White King stuff that will salvage even the grossest toilet - as mine was not fantastic either but that was a couple of weeks ago before I found this stuff!) I used it to clean the bathroom sink, the bathtub and the floor around the toilet. You know if you've got boy creatures (irrelevant of age!!!) that for some unknown reason that big round hole to wee in is actually a teensy weensy target to shoot at so the floor gets revolting after a little while. So I covered the floor and got my broom and used that to scrub the floor while the shower was on. I don't ever think that bathroom has been so clean!!!! The sad part is that it will all end as soon as the kids walk in this afternoon........ :(

I just get jack of making only 5% of the mess and having to clean 95% of it myself. The menfolk and the kids leave the house each day and I have to wonder if they think the cleaning fairy comes while I'm sitting here supposed to be typing, working, doing DT stuff and does all the cleaning for me and cos she seems to come every day it's okay to make mess because it will all magically be done by 3pm anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Do you get what I mean? Honestly how hard is it to pick up that bit of rubbish/clothing/toy/plate/cup/shoe/pencil/towel/food scrap that you're hot-steppin right over the top of on your way to somewhere else in the house? Is it? Is it really that hard????

Maybe the White King fumes have brought on an attack of the crackpot rages but I'm getting sick of it because nothing really changes no matter how often I stand in the mess and go seven shades of nuclear at them all! They don't even like to do chores for pity's sake! I tell you I'm going to start keeping their allowance and call it "cleaning and maintenance charges" and for each thing they start doing themselves like picking up their own clothes, hanging up towels, putting stuff away they've used and putting their plates in the dishwasher when they're done, I'll start giving them back their pocket money - a buck at a time - until I don't feel like they need to pay for a maid anymore!!!!!

Yeah you have a good laugh - I know it's only wishful thinking on my part!!!!! lol

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