Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sometimes happiness only costs three bucks.....

Well we did the markets this morning (quickly mind you, the heat here in Brissy today is phenomenal - hotter two weeks into autumn than it has been most of the summer) and went with the entire peanut gallery of five kids (mine plus a nephew). Apart from the usual jostling, shoving, wandering, name calling, touching even when told not to and general mucking about they weren't too bad! I know I'm in for a few lean weeks while the new work arrangements get sorted out so I figured I would pick up a few things now that I love that will last me and cheer me up when I'm technically a starving artist (working but not getting paid yet!). Funnily enough I found out today that happiness in little doses costs about three bucks!!! It was funny - I didn't set out to have a set amount, just basically cheap and cheerful was what I was looking for. I do my best to be low maintenance!!!! lol I ended up with, as above, a pair of hair clips, a strawberry fake ruby studded ring, a bunch of short stemmed red rosebuds and a single strand of blue beads and a double strand of jade green beads. Would you believe that all of these cool things were only $3 each?!?!?!?!?! That's what I call low maintenance! And I love these things to bits, they make me happy and for $3 that's a bargain!

I also went and got another temporary tattoo......couldn't help myself! I know I eventually want a real one but I'm test driving a few different temp ones to see what I like and where! I'm quietly horrified at how I look from behind now, having contorted myself to take the pic in fornt of a mirror. Oh my hat those stretch marks!!!!! I had no idea they looked like that!!! And there also appears to be a considerable amount MORE OF MY BUTT than I remember!!!!! See what happens if you don't keep a close eye on it? It multiplies with each kid and then you scare yourself in the mirror when you thought you were being funky-cool-hip-sexy and what you end up with is a tattoo which looked SO MUCH BIGGER when I looked at it BEFORE it was placed onto what looks, to me, like a VAST EXPANSE OF BAHOOKIE and now it looks microscopic and to cap it off I actually look really blotchy, which, in fact, I'm not, but that's what you get for trying to DIY these kinds of things!
Fun day overall!!!!! Working tomorrow......well I'm working every day nowadays, now I think about it. Something else to sort out during the week is a meeting to agree on that whole hours versus time and money thing.......ucky but necessary.
I love the new How Dare You challenge - "Window to my soul".......I could get all deep but right now I feel about as deep as a teaspoon so I think it's going to have to go some other way! I also found a cool blog last night and instantly emailed the link to Cass. If you love Cass's style then you might like this one too - which stands for How Much Is Too Much. Very cool and while I don't know if I'll be able to get the challenges right all the time - sometimes there are number challenges and if my layout says something different then I'll have to do that instead and forget the original challenge as one must do what the paper tells one to! - but I've loved looking at the talent on display! Pop over if you like something different cos they're a fun and very talented group of gals!
Have a fab week and thanks for having a looksee!
Cya, Lu

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