Thursday, 22 March 2007

On a roll this week!

This is the new Urban Lily with a few blingy additions and some black pen outline doodling which I cannot seem to stop myself from doing lately!!!! I don't think Scrapbook Creations will EVER love me if I can't come up with something a little neater, a little tidier, a little "nicer" than the messy freestyle stuff I usually do! Oh well it's a good thing SM don't mind - I've got four sitting in Krys Yealland's inbox and Fridays are usually knifing day so I'll find out if she wants any of them. One can only hope and it's such a nice way to start the weekend when you have a layout accepted. She often does the stabbings on Mondays as well and I had a couple of things rejected earlier in the week which is a rather crapola way to start the week! SM must have had a mail back early in the week as I got "Cheeky Miss" back today and Cass got "Mates" back, both with the same photocopied "yeah we'll use it but not sure when" type of letter.

I don't know where the motivation is coming from but quite frankly I'm not going to question it because I've done more in the last week than I have in the last month. I guess the new working hours are making the difference maybe? Having set hours is a blessing and I have time and motivation to use the other hours in my day to scrap, comfy that I won't have to get up at 4am or work until midnight anymore. Long work hours harsh anybody's mojo I imagine, and it makes me want to avoid my desk because I work where I scrap as well. I have a big L shaped desk and my puty sits on the small part of the L at the bottom and I scrap along the long part so I can spread out a bit. So if I'm working far too much I don't even like to be at my desk, regardless of what I am doing while I'm at said desk. Hope that makes sense!

I'm now going to start dinner (something that does not require supervision ideally!) and I'm going to come back to my desk and see if I can (a) start another layout, and (B) use the new Urban Lily papers to decorate a 20 inch high manequin/bust thingy for the shop. It has a nice wood base and stand and a finnial thing (a stick with a knob - dodgy, on the top. We have to make "skirts" for them with the newest papers and Cass did hers today which was absolutely fabbo so I have high standards to work up to! I'll take a photo of her once she's finished so you can see what the crackers I'm talking about!!!! Oh and I also have to do a "book in a box" which is an accordian book which slides into a book cover type box (sorry for yet another hopelessly in adequate description!!!) and a small chipboard mini book that goes into the Maya Road box I decorated yesterday. We want to get as much done as we can so it's all in the shop for Saturday but there's only so fast a girl can scrap before it starts to look crap and hurried so I'm going to take as long as I need to make sure the stuff looks okay.

We're back to the good ol' question of does anyone have an exciting weekend planned? Not much here (so what's new everyone moans!!!! lol). I know I must sound like a vegetable on weekends. I am a bit of a homebody just because organising much else with four kids and not much in the way of spending money (don't get my first real pay until next week) is so damned hard and with weekend sport it cancels half your Saturdays as well (can I get an amen from the soccer/cricket/football/whatever sport your kid inflicts upon you on Saturdays Mummies in the audience tonight????). Blayd's last cricket match is this Saturday though which is (sorry Blayd) kind of great!!!!! He has Trophy Day as well, I'm assuming it will be after lunch at the club once all the junior matches have finished so there goes a goodly part of Saturday afternoon as well! Scott is coming over for a sleepover with Blayd (we haven't even told them yet, maybe I can hold it over as leverage tomorrow morning when they need to be ready early to get to school for breakfast club?) and so Sunday will probably be just a muck about day around the house too. If the scrapping mojo keeps on coming I'll try to get some more layouts done and I'll probably go to the shop sometime on Saturday and again on Sunday because I don't have much time during the week to help out or get involved too much because of work.

Well have a fab weekend regardless of what you get up to. I know I always say that but it's because I always mean it!!!! Some of my favourite fun weekends haven't been the big events or trips, they've been just hanging out at home having fun together so that's why I say it. So do something fun and don't make me tell you twice girl!!!!!

Cya babes, Lu

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