Thursday, 1 March 2007

Yup the day didn't get any better.....

Oh at least I can say I was forewarned!!! The day lived up to its promise and at 11am my internet connection went down due to supposed "maintenance" which is really when you should do maintenance isn't it? - in the middle of a business day with no guarantee of how long it will be down??? Excellent idea over there at Telstra! NOT!!!! My internet was out until the salubrious hour of 6pm so no work done except for a few hours this morning. It doesn't help that there has been very little work this week anyway and I can see it being one of those weeks where we will end up earning diddly squat. Try to imagine, if you're a working mum, that someone cuts your pay in half one week. What would that do to your bills, your peace of mind and your sanity? Honestly I felt like I'd gone backwards six months today with my border collie deciding to sit under the house and bark not contiuously but regularly enough to tick off the neighbours all day and the cockroach infestation I had been victorious in defeating a month ago made a heroic resurgance today as well, because today was buggered anyway so why not go for gold???? My MIL dropped my sons off and had a blast at me about how cheeky one of my sons were (not her biological grandchild, just one of my kids) while I was trying to talk to the ever unhelpful Telstra on the phone about why I had no internet connection. I still have the bite marks in my tongue where I restrained myself from telling her exactly what I thought of her at that moment when I was already frazzled enough thanks very much!!!!! I had to walk to the post office to pick up a registered post which turned out to be my "Share" layout that For Keeps were returning to me, even though I'd spoken to FK just this morning and was told that the layout wouldn't be returned until the next issue was out (you'd really think there would be some record of where my layout was considering she knew from my name what the layout was called!) so that concerns me somewhat that she didn't know it had already been sent back to me! What if it had gone missing? I would never have known as I'd been told hours before that they still had it!

So now I'm on my second glass of red, the children have had their favourite dinner - "free for all" - which means you can eat anything for dinner as long as its within the diet, isn't chocolate or junk and will fill you up until breakfast. The internet is back on and I could do some of the work that is available for me but truth be told I really couldn't give a flying (inserte expletive here!) so I'll have my wine, get my babies into bed and watch SVU and CSI methinks!

On a bright note (cos you always have to look for them even on the darkest of days) FK did return my layout in perfect condition and Scrapbooking Memories sent me my VERY FIRST PUBLICATION CHEQUE!!!!! I did have one layout published by FK a couple of years ago but I never got the cheque for it and was "green" enough at the time not to worry about it because I was just so incredibly honoured to have something published. So technically SM's cheque is the first one I have received and I will absolutely scan it before I cash it. I'm sorry to confess that I'm far too pov not to cash the cheque and to hang on to it for its sentimental value. Sentimental value DOES NOT pay for groceries, doctors' appointments or power bills!!!!! It sure ought to but does not......

Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow. Oh it's ballet - let me find my helmet and hunt around the room for my stern mummy resolve - where on earth did I leave that?????

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