Monday, 5 March 2007

V.productive day plus MARAH JOHNSON IS IN!!!!!

Be warned though that supplies are limited at the moment as we were not sure about its popularity so if you really are desperate to get your hands on some then you had better get cracking!!!!! Find it at and search by manufacturer for the quickest path to scrapping nirvana!!!!!!! I've just picked up my design team order and the papers are to die for, the swatch books of rub-ons are screamingly gorgeous and the brads and matching ribbons are knicker-wettingly fabulous!!!!! And the best part is that it's all at terrific prices so you can afford to go a little bit crazy and buy as much as you want!!!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.........

Had a v.productive day today at Cass's place, getting layouts done on the BG Scarlet's Letter, the new Cosmo Cricket paper and my Asian inspired How Dare You layout for the current challenge.

The one up the top is the Scarlet's Letter and I got funky with two whole packets of BG rub-ons. Pretty but a leetle bit on the expensive side for the everyday! I liked the end result though.
The one to our left here is the Basic Grey Pheobe papers and monograms with some L'il Davis chipboard alphas that I've grown very fond of since I got them a few weeks ago. I also couldn't stop at just paper piecing with this one and I had to add hot pink Kindy Glitz and stick on gems as well.
This is my Asian inspired layout for How Dare You. I didn't actually know for sure what I was going to do and then settled on this one - totally not my kind of style at all - but still really happy with it. Different but my kind of different IYKWIM?
So I'm glad I got three very different layouts done today. It's always nice to squeeze in anything else apart from a single token layout, especially with three toddlers running around the house as well!
I got all excited at the thought of Cyclone Odette - the papers were all bleating about how it would spell the end of the drought in our part of the world (which is apparently all that matters so it seems the farmers out west can just all bugger off as long as the city slickers can keep their lawns green - excuse the sarcasm!!! lol). As it turns out Odette is like any woman, fickle and prone to changing her mind on a whim (I will at least admit to it!!!) and now she's become a bit of a non-event which is disappointing because it's so badly needed - the rain I mean. The occasional scattered shower does nothing but remind you what rain looks like, not fill dams or anything helpful like that! We did the National Carbon Test last night on TV - well Blayd had to do it for homework for his environmental studies unit so we all kinda got roped into doing it as well. I have to say we aren't doing as badly as I had thought but there is always room for improvement and goodness knows things have to change for everybody's sake so I've gotten a timer for the bathroom to limit showers as apparently hot water is a big chunk of household carbon contributions. It turns out that red meat and dairy are also so apparently if you are a mung bean loving dyed in the henna vegetarian then you are certified better for the environment that the rest of us. We only eat red meat here maybe once per week but with four kids dairy features pretty highly on the menu and I don't think I'm prepared to face the revolt if I tried to cut that back due to environmental reasons so we'll find other ways to cut back.
I'm off to get dinner ready now. Doug has been kept back at work for two hours later than normal as he has an excursion to prepare for so he'll be a while still and the natives are getting restless. I've worked out that if I get one of the older ones to watch the littler ones in the bath while I get dinner then I can have them all fed, watered and washed in record time and I'll be able to sit down and break out all the new Marah Johnson. I can't tell you how slightly painful it is to have it here in front of me but not be able to touch any of it yet. How dumb am I??? Here I am blogging on to you lot when I could have been scrapping already!!!!! lol Just kidding - I actually really like blogging and spilling my tales of horror and misfortune each day and when I lost my internet for almost a whole day last week I felt as if I'd had a limb amputated!!!! That's bad and sad at the same time! lol So I'll do what I have to and THEN I'll get to scrap later. Golly it's hot here in Brisbane tonight - it must still be close to 30 and it's almost dark. Time to crank up the very bad air conditioner and get the cooking over and done with.
Remember if you want the Marah you gotta move fast girls!!!!! Have a fab night!!!
Cya, Lu

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lusi said...

Great layouts darl!
Love the fortune cookie HDY lo! So great :)
Lusi x

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