Sunday, 25 March 2007

Yes we have no title, we have no title today

It's a nice quiet Sunday here after a mostly nice quiet Saturday with only a few "to do" items on the list.

Yesterday was Blayd and Scotto's last game of cricket and as I had to work in the morning Doug took Blayd to his match. After lunch the boys had their trophy presentation in the hall of a local high school and Doug and Cass's man Kelly got roped into running the drinks stall with the boys and their teammates as per the roster. I think they enjoyed it a little more than they were willing to let on and all the boys got stuck in and really helped which was great. Doug and Kelly then took the little ones home as we weren't sure if we were going to be at the presentation for the long haul (as anybody with kids in club sport will attest to!!!). After the boys got their participation trophies and team photos Cass and I took them with us to the shop to have a looksee and find out how the first day had been.

There were a few hiccups which Cath handled beautifully (the newsletter is here if you want to read the gory details) and overall the day went well. It was a real buzz to see all the things Cass and I had made for the shop sitting there so people could pick them up, look at them, etc, stuff like the decorated dress forms, the little boxes and books etc. We just need to work out how we're going to put all our layouts up on the walls above all the product. Awful as it sounds we don't actually want stuff down at touchy feely level as I heard that people will do ridiculous things like tear paper or an embellishment off a display layout if they want to take it away to find the same thing or match paper with. I can't even imagine how awful that would feel if someone did that to my layout. I'd like to hope those kind of things are the exception and don't happen often but even the DT layouts I do I still love and I'd hate for that to happen to any of them. Has anybody else heard of that happening?

Scotto stayed over last night and the boys had pizza for dinner and stayed up late watching movies until we had to virtually unplug the TV and turn out the light before they'd go to sleep! Typical boy stuff but they still managed to be up and at 'em early enough today as well! I wish I knew where they found the energy......

Caeligh has gone with Doug to see his mum. She fell and broke her shoulder a couple of weeks ago so while she's fiercely independent there are still a few things around the house she can't do so Doug has gone over to help her with some housework and then he's taking her grocery shopping because she can't drive for about eight weeks either. Her Royal Highness went with him under protest because there was a house full of rowdy boys here and she was in her element. She wouldn't even let me brush her hair before she went!!!! I know it sounds ridiculous that a 3 year old wouldn't let me do something like that but Caeligh you must remember has an extensive collection of Oscar nominated wobbly performances to her credit and there are just some days when it isn't worth the screaming, choking, foaming at the mouth type of tantrum she was gearing up for. I washed her hair last night and it's that gorgeous straight but curling up a bit right at the ends kind of little girl hair that doesn't have a single knot in it today and because it's so smooth it looks like it's been brushed anyway. So I just put a couple of clips in the front as I'm growing her fringe out and she looks like a bit of a wild thing peeking out from under the hair!

I'm kind of meant to be scrapping but the boys are baking biscuits with the easiest recipe in the world (it's about three quarters of the way down and they're called Mrs Cattle's Biscuits) and I've had to keep a bit of an eye on them because with my kids you never know what will go wrong - and does - all the time!!!! They were quite determined today to do it themselves after watching me make them a couple of weeks ago. So I printed off the recipe for them and off they went. I think I realised we were coming a bit unstuck when Scotto asked me if the mix looked okay as it was a bit dry. As it turns out they had forgotten the sugar (amazing as there are only four ingredients in the whole recipe lol). We remedied that problem and they went back to it only to discover that they had used a commercial butter blend with a preservative in it instead of the Nuttelex that my kids have to use (and to this minute I still don't know why they would have used anything else!). Then I came back a minute later and suggested they might need a touch more flour to use up some of the moisture and realised that they had used plain flour instead of self raising. So off to the pantry for some baking powder when Blayd said I didn't need to put in any in as he'd done that already. Suspicion arose as I had to open a new baking powder myself to put some in for them so I asked what baking powder they had used. Well misinformation was abounding in my kitchen let me tell you folks!!!! They had misread the amount and used four tablespoons instead of teaspoons (double batch) and Blayd had thought baking powder was actually sodium bicarb!!!!!! URGH I did taste a tiny bit and thought it was a bit yuck but didn't realise just why until then........Blayd was doing the happy dance around the ktichen when I told him that the huge amount of bicarb would counteract any reaction from the preservative in the butter blend so he would be able to eat the biscuits after all!!!! (and by this time I was wondering if they WOULD be able to eat them after the frankenstein job they'd done on the world's easiest recipe!!!!). So they've been in the oven, risen to about ten times the original size and fallen flat as pancakes when taken out. They're cooling now and the boys are convinced that they look and smell wonderful but the proof is in the eating as they say. Maybe the dogs will get a treat today.........

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