Tuesday, 27 March 2007

It was too good to last anyway......

I got an email saying that my big client won't be paying me the hourly rates after all and that they will only be able to offer me the piece rates they were paying previously. Considering there is 70% less work and they still want me to cover 32 hours per week that means they want me to work for about $7 an hour and that's on the busiest day of the week. Naturally I have a phone call this morning to make so I can essentially tell them to jam it. We are luck in that while we don't have any savings we probably can survive until I sort something else out - I was just comfortable with the arrangement I had and the routine of it all. So now I'm an (almost) free agent. I still have this lovely anaesthetist to sort out and that will be something and hopefully if he's happy he will recommend me to other doctors. Other than that I'm going to have to start doing the phone/email/letter rounds of the private practice clinics at the hospitals and the medical recruitment agencies to see what else is out there. It also means that I can do a whole pile of classes at the store now but it's not guaranteed income as numbers can fluctuate, people can cancel or dont' turn up so that's not really reliable income either but it all helps. I know God provides so I'm just going to do my best to sort out what I can and have faith that He will figure out the rest. I feel like part of me wants to be sad about the whole thing - after all I've been working for them for almost six years now - and another part of me is very excited as I can't remember the last time I spent a week just looking after my kids and my house. I've always had a job (an income earning job even if I have been doing it from home iykwim?) and I only ever took 3 months of maternity leave at a time with my kids, only took two weeks with Caeligh and I was back to work, taking her with me each day. I want to relish in the freedom of not having to do anything at all except keep house and look after my kids. The possibilities are just endless so while I know I'll have to find something else soon I do plan on taking a couple of weeks to not do anything. It will be weird but worth it I think!

WOOHOOO - as there's no point being miserable about it because I can't fix it I'm going to go over to Cass's place today and scrap!!!!! lol Gotta do something to cheer myself up and there's still lots of OTP stuff needing to be done for the shop and lots of pub calls from the big three to answer if I'm feeling up to it.

Thank you to all you girls who take the time to read of my day to day disasters - even if you don't realise it, it makes me feel a whole lot better to know somebody cares enough to read it. I guess this means I can keep up with my blog properly now doesn't it?

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jilly said...

Things WILL work out just the right way for you Lu - they always do - even if we don't know it at the time! Funny how it works isn't it?

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