Friday, 2 March 2007

Hooray for Fridays!

So glad the week is over. The bigger boys are away at their dad's place, it's just Dougie, me and the little ones although Caeligh has enough noise and excitement to make up for ten other kids! She went to ballet today with no real argument but she was unsettled to start with so only lasted two thirds of the way through the class before she got to wandering about and not listening to instructions any more so she came outside where she proceeded to burn off more energy running about like a lunatic. I wish I had a fraction of that wacko power that keeps her going like the Energiser Bunny! lol

I've got to work tonight and I'm working until midday tomorrow which is okay. I've got to spend tomorrow afternoon getting the rest of Caeligh's bday presents for Sunday. She's already got a couple of Barbie dolls, a little make up set, a pink plastic vanity table and matching cheval mirror, she got a pretty shirt from the fam in Scotland and a bug catcher with a microscope built in from her aunt and uncle in Hervey Bay. It's so cool that they realise that she's not the average "princess" and will enjoy the bug catcher possibly more than the Barbie dolls I got her! I think her gran is getting her a mega fab doll pram with all the bells and whistles which she'll love because we walked to the shop yesterday with her pushing her cheap little plastic pram and it was about as fun for her to steer as the only trolley left in the supermarket with the wonky wheel that goes everywhere BUT where you want it to!

We've decided to take her up to Crazy Critters on Sunday for a play with James and Lily and Ronin. Blayd and Lachie are coming home early from their dad's place so they can spend the day with her and Lachie will have fun too but Blayd is technically too old to go into any parts of the indoor play centre and I can tell you now there will be major sookies and wobbles when he has to sit down with the adults and play gameboy instead of joining in with the others. How terrible to have to grow up........ I don't see why he can't go in to keep an eye on the littler ones. They let parents go in to play with their kids. Why can't her brother go in with her? Maybe I'll just tell him to go in but to keep himself under control with running about like an idiot kept to a minimum? Maybe that's why grown-ups aren't fun any more - we don't have playgrounds that cater for our size! Hello out there in blogland - somebody build an indoor play centre for grown ups!!!!!! If you have to you can call it a physical activity centre so people can feel better about going there.

I got ready for the school pick up and ballet today and even went to the trouble of make up! I decided this afternoon that I had a right to feel good about myself and considering I've been in a good mood all day I figured I'd let it show. So yes I went about my afternoon with silk roses in my hair, bright glittery pink toenails and my favourite green eyeshadow. I know that paints a really ghastly picture but honestly it isn't like that!!! lol Yes it may even sound drag queen but I promise it's not!!! I often wear green eyeshadow just because it makes my hazel eyes look even greener. And I figure if I have bright red hair then why can't I wear pink roses in it if I want!?!?!? And do you know what? I felt fab all afternoon! Just like I've grown really sick of the perfect life brigade, I've also gotten very impatient with the "you must act and dress your age otherwise you just look ridiculous and you must keep up appearances at all cost" brigade as well. You know them when you see them. They are perfectly groomed, probably took an hour to blow dry their sensible hairdos, wear leather mules (not that I dislike mules or anything - I have a pair but they are pink and fun, not beige and boring), have a sensible genuine leather handbag and minimal day makeup. I betcha lots of them honestly believe they couldn't wear anything more daring or outrageous, they would never ever consider a haircolour that didn't fit into the mahogany spectrum or the perfect ash blonde range. I'm holding up a small white flag and saying that yes, some of the sensible brigade are probably very proud of how well they keep themselves and are perfectly happy with their style but surely they all can't be? Surely some of them are just trying to be perfect wife/perfect mummy material?

I guess I'm just sick of nobody having any bloody fun lately!!!!!! If you have a favourite colour then why not wear it? Do something wild and different with your hair - it's just hair, at the very least you can always dye it "boring" again if you get freaked out and at the worst you can say you're shaving it all of for the Leukaemia Foundation and start again! Wear your favourite funky beads or sparkly bling to the supermarket. Try makeup in colours you've always wanted and get an honest friend to tell you if it works or not. Fabulous could be just a new eyeshadow palette away!!! Put flowers in your hair, find a pair of pretty thongs to see out the rest of the summer in, paint your toenails girly pink or vamp red or funky purple. Live in colour!!! Have a bit of fun for goodness sake!!!! If you are one of the fun and funky brigade then I completely applaud you! It comes down to loving yourself enough to let go of what other people might think and do the little things you can do each day to make yourself that little bit happier, feel that little bit freer in spirt and to be that little bit more accepting of yourself as a strong beautiful woman regardless of the package you are in right this minute! Oh holy cow I'm ranting now but I'm on a roll!!!!!! I'm a good 10-15kgs overweight, I've got some wrinkles, an age spot or two, a less then perfect smile and because I work from home there are days when I don't even have to get out of my jammies!!!! Some things I can change if I want to but other stuff I'm learning to accept. Along with all those things I do have an iron will, a loving heart, a kind soul and a fun spirit so as part of my journey to loving myself more I've decided to do all those little things that make me feel a bit happier each day. And I'll let you in on a little secret - Doug is more than a bit pleased that my idea of a treat is a new hair clip, a cheap and cheerful new eyeshadow or lip gloss or a pair of $10 hot pink thongs. See, easy to have fun and be low maintenance!!!!

I'm having one of those "I actually feel really great about myself " days so I'm not trying to yell at you girls - I guess I'm just trying to say that we all deserve to have those days and they shouldn't be so few and far between. Find the little things that make you feel pretty, sexy, carefree and happy because we deserve to feel this way EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Love you guys for coming and having a listen to my rants. Now go do something to prettify your gorgeous selves ladies!!!!

Kisses, Lu

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