Sunday, 11 March 2007

Empty but still exciting

Cass planned a little surprise for Cath last night and we arranged to meet her in the (almost) empty shop (Ainsworth Street, Salisbury) before our DT meeting last night. We felt like a pair of schoolgirls it was all so exciting. Cass bought us matching pink tshirts, we both wore our jeans, our K&Co Frippery bracelets with our kids' photos on them and Cath had made us both Cyberscraps calico aprons with the store name and our name printed on them so we wore those too. We grabbed a bottle of champers and a welcome sign I had made yesterday and off we went.

Cath was so surprised to see us all trussed up for work! But she seemed very tickled too, seeing the reality of it standing in front of her. The huge photoframe for the front window is up. It's nine openings with 12x12 frames in each one and it's full of mine and Cass's layouts. We did give Cath a pile of layouts we liked and she chose the ones she wanted to use. It's so cool to look at that shop window and see your own stuff looking back at you. All of the slatwall is in, the paper racks and gondolas are in as well but there's still SO much more to get done. We tossed around a (very tentative) opening date of 19 March which is only eight days away but it, like so much else so far, is dependent on things like Telstra organising the phone lines, eftpos etc etc and things like the new awning going in and the pain in the butt side of things like converting price info from one computer program into an accounting program and pricing absolutely everything we stock individually. Cass and I will be busy this week putting the "personal touches" on the shop like OTP things we've done that we will be able to use as well as be decorative and finalising class details.

Until I have a meeting next week with the doctors' practice I'm now working for I won't really have any idea how much time (daylight time anyway) that I can spend in the stop. Weekends aren't a biggie and so far I've allowed for evening classes but daytime would be so good. There's every chance after all the hoo haa about the job changeover that when I have this meeting we won't be able to agree on money versus hours etc and I may end up walking out with nothing. I used to think that was terrifying but since I've had my faith strengthened by things, people and events of late, I know that if that happens it will be okay. I know we'll manage somehow and that we will get by. I've got an inner calmness now that keeps telling me that I don't have to compromise on what I need to get by and I don't have to settle for less than what I want or more hours than I can afford to be away from my kids and that if it comes to that, I can stand up, thank them for the time we've worked together and walk out happy and peaceful about it.

This morning we're off to the flea markets to have a look around. The kids (not to mention me!) have a bit of an obsession with temporary tattoos at the moment so that's what they've been waiting for all week. Cass's son Scott (my nephew) stayed over last night so we're about to pack all of them up and head out. All I want to look at is cheap pretty jewellery, I want to find some more strands of cheap plastic beads for my collection, a new temporary tattoo (just cos I like them!) and maybe some flowers for the house. I don't buy flowers often but it's one of those things that I've started doing agin, in keeping with the " doing things that make me feel pretty" philosophy. I can look at them and I can put them in my hair or something. Well it's Sunday as well and I'm pretty sure I promised myself some scrap time this afternoon so I'll have to get onto that too. I've used the Marah Jonhson Caution Boy and Caution Girl papers but I've been saving the Love Struck ones. I want one of the kids to take some pics of Doug and I together as we have so few and I'll use those methinks.

Have a beautiful Sunday and remember to do something to make yourself feel pretty today!

Cya, Lu

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