Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Never alone

The photo on the far left is Caeligh with a Marah Johnson rub-on of a heart with angel wings as a tattoo. She practically begged me to put one on her. I don't know why she thought it was a tattoo but she was tickled when I put one on her arm!

Today I'm grateful for my own personal miracle. I had a situation which to me seemed impossible, torn between loyalty and opportunity with no clear way ahead. I knew the pros and cons of both sides and worried myself sick with all the different outcomes that could have happened. I had to choose between loyalty to a very close friend with whom I still wanted to remain close and the chance to better my work situation, hopefully giving me more time with my family but without sacrificing the pay we have come to rely on to get by each week. I just didn't know what to do, what would be best for everyone including me and my family? I decided to hand it over to God because it was a far bigger tangle than I could ever have hoped to sort out alone. I prayed that whatever happend it would be a peaceful, accepting resolution for everyone involved and most importantly that it would be God's will and that I would find peace in myself regardless of what happened.
Today the situation has been resolved and I am so humbled and thankful to the Lord for the way things have come about, for understanding on every side, for the grace and goodwill in which things have unfolded and for the amazing sense of security and peace I now have that things will be okay. For me it was a huge leap of faith to hand over this situation as I'm only just getting to know God in my life, a bit of a newbie so to speak and it seemed like a lot to give over to a virtual stranger iykwim? I can't tell you what a difference 24 hours has made to my faith and I have to thank Lusi also. Thank you for your guidance, love, support and prayers and for teaching me how to hand something over to the Father and to trust enough that He will hear and do what is best for me. I'm not normally a big "holy roller" as the cynics call it but I wanted to share it because it shows what can happen even if you don't know God that well and just have a little bit of faith.
So right now I'm feeling so elevated and to top it all off I've had a very productive 24 hours of scrapping too! Something else to be thankful for! I've got the Marah Johnson papers in my bag and I've been using them to create a couple of layouts. I only took photos (up above) I havent' scanned them properly, just photos as Cass is coming over later to scan them back at her place. I really liked the grungy, funky papers and embellishments and can't wait to do a bit more with them.
I'm off to a Making Memories trade class tomorrow which is Not sure what we'll get to play with but Cass went today and said apparently I'm going to be doing a whole album tomorrow of 16 layouts!!!! My poor brain can't even comprehend that many layouts in a day but apparently the MM ladies work at a cracking pace and you just have to keep up so I guess I'll just hang on and try to enjoy the ride. I'm a bit freaked though because it took me three hours today just to do the "disaster area" layout above. The title is actually "Just Your Average Garden Variety Disaster Area". The one with Caeligh is called - v.appropriately - Troublemaker. I spent way much more time faffing about with the "disaster" one than I had planned to but I'm so glad I did because I completely love it. The boys are both incredibly embarrassed that their messy room is going to be on my layout and were even more mortified when I said it would be on my blog for dozens of other mummies to look at too!!! lol Gee I hope it gets accepted for publication!!!!! I wonder if that will be enough motiviation for them to clean their rooms........?
Have a fab evening and thanks for stopping by. I'm going to go sort out some reinforcements to take with me tomorrow to this trade class but I'll definitely post when I get home tomorrow and show you what we got up to!
Cya, Lu

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