Saturday, 17 March 2007

I have far too many supplies.....

.....and how do I know this, you ask? BECAUSE CAELIGH CAME IN WHILE I WAS OUT AND TOOK EVERYTHING DOWN OFF MY PEGBOARD AND DUMPED IT ON MY DESK!!!!!!!!!!!! The somewhat sheepish response from Daddy? "I had to go to the bathroom - I was only gone a minute or two". I purposefully left the bedroom door shut when I left to go out this afternoon so her Royal Terror would not come into my room and destroy things, break things, lose things, crush things, open things, etc, etc, etc. I won't even go into the question of how she got in - I know these things can happen - but when the bathroom door is only one metre away from the bedroom door and we live in a pokey little house with timber floors so the sound carries crystal clear, I want to know how come Daddy did not hear her ripping everything off the pegboard and throwing it on the desk, the floor, the chair, etc, etc, etc!!!!! I'm sure she can hear me open a packet of rub-ons at fifty paces, so fast is her response to come hurtling into my room to ask if she can scrap too yet Doug didn't hear a sound as she wrecked my ENTIRE scrapping space. The worst part is that I can't even get him to put it all back because he has no idea where it all goes and doesn't know what's not frequently used and thus goes to the back of the racks and what gets used frequently so needs to be at the front. It's all a bit upsetting as I had a layout in my head tonight and now I can't do anyting until I put everything away first. I had even cleaned my desk up before I went out so I could scrap when I got home!!! Oh the injustice of it all! And Caeligh's response? "sorry Mama I won't do it again!" with a screwed up little smirk on her face and rolling eyes and a tone of voice which actually meant "oh give me two seconds and I'd do it all again for ya Ma!!!!".

Oh and she ripped that layout I did last night as well. Pity if anybody wanted to pub it and I don't like it so much I'd redo it so into the back of an album she goes now! So now I am going to reorganise my scrapping supplies - involuntarily!!!! Definitely a glass of red moment methinks!

Cya, Lu

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jilly said...

ROFLMAO Lu (sorry, but can't help it lol!). I think maybe that your Caleigh and my Levi belong TOGETHER in a place far, far, far away from here! LMAO!

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