Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Yay got a layout done and confessions of a slacker mummy

I started this morning with a few sheets of the new BG Pheobe paper and ended up using the aqua green and the one with all the circles on it and yes, I have a blister on my thumb from cutting out - again!!!! I haven't scanned this one as it's drying but I'll put up a better copy when it's done but nice to get something done in my own time, during daylight hours, before dinner even!!!
Now a slacker mummy confession - I've just gone hunting for egg cups as that seems to be the dinner of choice tonight among the natives. A couple of nights per week I let them pick so tonight it was boiled eggs and toast soldiers. Well and good (and easy and quick!) I thought and went of to find the egg cups. They are one of those items in my kitchen that I don't use often and they have a habit of disappearing in between uses. I've found one plastic one, one ceramic one and that's it - four kids, two egg cups, you do the math...... SO SO SO I have been left with no choice but to call upon my slacker mummy experience and I've given the two older boys the only thing in the cupboard that will hold a boiled egg besides an egg cup - a shot glass. Now don't gasp in horror ! lol They aren't the ones with recipes on them, they don't proudly declare that they are from some profanity's bar, they don't have alcohol names on them. They are just plan heavy based glass shotties which they've never ever even seen used so I'm figuring they look just like measuring cups to me - well they measure booze don't they??? lol See how creative we mummies can be in a pinch? I'm going to go check on the eggs. No matter how hard I try, because I haven't got an egg timer, I either under-do them or they are so solid you could play squash with them. Maybe this time I'll get it right..........

Mmmmmmm Slider Love