Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Apologies are in order

It seems I have been way over the top with my excitement about the Marah Johnson chat. I did post threads about the chat on two websites where I chat on the forums sometimes - not specifically listing the shop name - but far too much information for comfort for the websites I posted in and I completely understand that.

I got more than a bit carried away in thinking that others might want to know about the chat if they weren't Cyberscraps customers or readers of my blog who would see the info anyway. I hadn't even considered it from a business point of view that it woud look like advertising on someone else's turf and that was careless and unthinking of me.

I have already emailed admin people involved from the other sites and offered my apologies but to anyone who did see my thread and was offended or upset I am genuinely sorry. It wasn't the intention to advertise the store itself - it was more the intention of sharing some info about speaking with a lovely and talented designer and I jumped in before weighing up the best way to do that.

I just didn't think it through first and thus I've committed yet another faux pas and mightily ticked off quite a number of people whom I'm sure have trouble believing someone could be so unthinking. I wonder myself some days....... :(

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