Sunday, 15 April 2007

Pic tag catch up

Yesterday's pic tag was to photograph a flower, tree or plant in three different ways so I've got the first shot which is looking at my neighbour's lovely poinciana tree as it overhangs our front yard, the second shot is looking up at the sky through the branches and leaves and the third shot is a close up of the leaves. No flowers right now unfortunately but when it does flower it is covered in masses of little red
Today's pic tag challenge was to photograph six things of the same colour. Now for me that's easy as my favourite colour is PINK and it's all over my house! So I've done up a montage of pink things and as usual I wasn't able to restrain myself and ended up taking more than the required number of shots. Far out I wish I could get blogger to put stuff where I want it to go!!!! The pink shots from left to right and top to bottom are: my pink kitchen scales, my summer long faithful pink thongs, assorted plasticware from the kitchen, my deodorant and favourite soap, fairy wings, two chenille ribbed cushion covers I bought at the flea market, my hot pink handbag, a throw rug my mother crocheted me when I was 8, my stapler and one of my fav t-shirts.
I'll be back later to post the winner of this week's chipboard RAK. See ya then girls!!!!


countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Hey Lu, love how you've "stitched" all the pink photos together, looks great. How do you do that?


Anonymous said...

looooove the pink montage.

Its inspiring a LO to form in my head..
thank you!!!!


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