Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Do You Need A Good Laugh?????

Oh honestly I laughed until I almost wet myself!!!! Cass rang me last night when she got home from football training (her eldest son plays rugby league) to tell me she had come mighty close to having a knock-down, drag-out ding dong with a Creative Memories scrapper!!!! The whole story is here but oh dear I just cried and cried with laughter while Cass was retelling this story to me last night. I'm possibly even more surprised that the very conservative and snooty looking CM scrapper had the big ones to take on a 6ft tall amazon of a woman with bright pink hair!!!! It seems CM scrappers are equally as passionate about their art as we are!!!!!

I don't know how Cass ends up in these types of things but trouble just seems to find her!!!! lol


Katie said...

What a great story! Well for the images in my head that is! How arrogant of teh CM lady to think hers is the only real form of scrapbooking??!! Anyway, I guess it takes all sorts...and we definitely don't have to mix with those sorts!

Kerryn said...

What an extremely funny story, I think she actually contained herself very well, upholding the true professionalism of any good scrapper. But I think I would have given her something to take with her!!

Kirsten De Forest said...

Lu, this is my first visit to your Blog, and I'm laughing my proverbial off!

Thanks for the laught today. I needed it.

Kirst xx

Anonymous said...

ive just been to Cass's blog and read.. she is my hero today!~L~

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