Thursday, 12 April 2007

Pic Tag Day 1 - A Piece Of Me

Well here we go - I've developed a bit of a love affair with thongs (or flip-flops depending on where in the world you are!). I buy a new pair at the start of each spring and this year they were hot pink pearly looking ones and I know it's hard to see by the pic, but I know I've had a fun summer because I now have TAN LINES on my feet from the straps of my thongs!!! lol That's so cool!!!!!! Trust me, they are easier to see IRL than on this pic and yes I know my feet are hideous - even Dougie says so but he had a foot aversion, kinda the opposite of a foot fetish - and I can accept that with good grace so long as you get the idea. I do have tan lines on my feet and the sad thing is that they will disappear so soon as I've started putting socks on to wander about the house (timber floors you see) over the last week which is for me, sadly, the end of summer and the beginning of winter. I don't know if I am a candidate for Seasonal Affective Disorder (trust me it's a genuine depressive illness where some people get seriously bummed over winter) or whether I just hate being cold - maybe it's both but Dougie swears I wouldn't last a day back home in his wintry Scotland which is a titty freezing temperature even on the warmest of their summer days! So that's my piece of me - my soon to be white but currently a little tanned with thong marked feet!!!! I don't like my feet - just the testimonial to a wonderful summer of fun this year!!! For dedicated daily readers I PROMISE the pic will be better and far more entertaining tomorrow!!!! lol Love ya babes, Lu


Alana said...

Nice work..I love both your days (1 & 2). I will do day 2 tomorrow! Keep up the great work!!

Nicole said...

I have thong tanned feet too, *lol* that's all I wear in Summer.

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