Thursday, 12 April 2007

Cass and Lu's Swaperoo!!!

Okay here's a fun idea because basically Cass and I are a pair of pork chops who like to have a bit of fun!!!! - we're issuing a challenge to all you scrappers out there for a different kind of swap. Now some of you may have tried this before or not but we tried it today for the first time and we're very happy with the end result!

I started with the ARGH layout which was basically the layout above with only the picture, the decorated monogram "L", the rub-on title and some of the flowers. I then gave the layout to Cass to complete and although you didn't get to see how blah it was when I handed it over, you can see how amazing it now looks. I personally credit Cass with being a frickin genius but how cool would it have been to have liked my first half of the layout and then given Cass the page to finish?!?!!?

So our challenge - for anyone interested - is to complete HALF of a layout - something like get as far as the photo down, the title done and any journalling you want but leave the rest of the embellishment to a scrap buddy to finish. You can get your scrap buddy to do the same thing and then give, mail or Star Trek transporter beam your layouts to each other. Once the layouts are completed return them and you have a very different twist on your original work.

If you are going to give it a go let me or Cass know and we'll post a list of Swaperoos on our side bar with links to your blog so you can scan or photograph your half of the layout and then the finished result when it comes back to you. That way people will get to see how the layouts have all turned out. Maybe I've had too much Wizz Fizz today but I'm a bit excited about it all so please jump on in if you want to do something different. We can't wait to see who gets involved and I know it's going to be fun.

Here's the finished product of our Swaperoo.......

We also think it's kinda cute that one each of our children are also in the photo so we even shared the subject matter!!!! lol

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