Thursday, 12 April 2007

Urgh awful layout

It's funny how there are just some days where no matter how hard I try whatever I touch turns to crap! Today is that day.......

I did my Africa inspired layout a couple of days ago which was clean and uncluttered for me and now I've done one of that photo of James and Lily sharing a kiss but I've completely buggered it up. It's more like Cass's style with lots of flowers, beads and bling but I can't do her style so even though I didn't start out wanting it to look like her style, it does and does a pretty poor job of it at that!!!! lol Oh well I'll just find another photo and try something else methinks.

I've got the luxury today of Doug doing most of the housework so I don't have to do anything else but scrap which is nice. I should however probably be looking for another job but between me and you chickies - I don't want to find another job!!! I feel a bit bad really, I'm enjoying my three days in the scrap shop and having more time to spend with Caeligh as she's the only one not at school now but the loss of an entire income each week is putting far more of a strain on Doug than it is on me. I'm having a great time actually!!! But because I know he'll worry I'll have to find even a few odd lots of typing to do here and there so there's at least some more coming in each week. We can manage on what we have if we're very careful but having to live very carefully every single day is hard and I know some of you know just how that feels. So in the interests of our bank account which currently looks pretty shabby, and in the interests of Dougie's mental health, I'll pull out the Saturday papers this weekend and see what I can find. I know that if I wait longer then I'll probably have to settle for picking up temp work or work away from home and in an office somewhere and I'd rather not if I can help it because I've got everything set up to work from here.

Well I'm going to wander over to Cass's now and scan the Africa layout and the buggered one. I'll upload them for your viewing pleasure when I get back! I'm also secretly going because the two little ones are driving Daddy crackers today and all he wants to do is sit down and watch some sci-fi which he can't do if they're here. I figure he's supposed to be on holidays and as he's done more housework than me this week, the least he should get to do is relax for a few hours and have some peace and quiet!! Cass's house is, like mine, always a circus anyway so a couple more kids as her place won't matter but a couple less here makes a world of difference!

Have a cool Thurs girls, whatever you're up to and I'll blogga blogga later, love Lu

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