Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I share only because I know it will make other mummas feel better about their kids!

Anybody who reads my blog regularly will know that my 3 year old daughter is a total ratbag. She's quite a few other things but some shred of good manners means I don't say them out loud! I had her at home today while trying to get work done for a new client (yippee!!!!) and she just spent the day delivering her worst. I promise I didn't even dare her, she just knew today was button pushing day and went for it. Things like cutting a mobile phone charger cable in half with a pair of scissors (while it was plugged in), scissors she found while climbing ON TOP of the 6 foot tall entertainment unit, the entertainment unit that houses the television which she attacked again today with a FORK!!!! she got from the cutlery drawer after taking out the drawer insert and throwing all the cutlery on the floor of the kitchen where she also spilled her lemonade and left it for me to almost slip over on......she also attacked Daddy's computer monitor with TWO SCREWDRIVERS!!!!!! I'm far more concerned about how quickly she goes from pretty little girl to vicious homocidal maniac armed with two screwdrivers to even care at this point where she found them (Daddy is going to need to have a talking to though.....) and left an ice cream cone to melt on top of Daddy's Xbox (also on the Entertainment Unit of Fun).

My eldest had a crappola day at school and I'm sure his diet needs tweaking. Lots of little things are starting to have a cumulative effect on him so he's going to have to go right back to the basic elimination diet for a few weeks now to get his behaviour back on track. I love how suddenly when his butt is in a sling it's not "huh?" or "what?" or "sorry Mum I wasn't listening" but today it's "Yes Mummy I'll do it right now". Dontcha love how the crawler comes out when they just know they're in it up to their eyeballs!!!! lol It's also a little bit entertaining to watch the almost 12 year old macho I-don't-have-to-do-what-anybody-tells-me-to big man reduced to being allocated housework chores as punishment for bad behaviour at school - not the doing the chores but putting in the fine detail work like emptying the dishwasher and using the tea towel to try to "shine" the wine glasses and the pans etc!!! lol Far out I had no idea such attention to detail was really the product of lots and lots of attrition chores as children!!!!


Julie said...

Oh my goodness sounds like you have one loveable little ratbag there.

jilly said...

Thank you Lu - she sounds like a perfect match for one of my little darlings!

Anonymous said...

OMG, so sorry to hear that you lived the day in a battle field. Glad to see though that you survived with all limbs intact.
Hope that rest of the week is a little quieter and less "ratbag-ish" for you!

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