Thursday, 19 April 2007

Busy busy busy day!

I love it when I get in the mood and get more than one layout done at a time! Usually it is only a lack of time that means I have to keep it to single layouts but today at Cass's place I felt like I could power on so I finished one I started in the shop the other day with the new My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie range (Wild @ Heart) and then went on and did another Tres Jolie called 6 (Almost) about James and then did a brutally honest Basic Grey layout about the experience of having three sons before I got my daughter. The journalling is just about how I had somehow always thought I would have girls, really wanted girls and was so disappointed each time I found out I was having a boy. I will admit it - now I have my girl and she is a complete ratbag and she has taught me that having a girl has just confirmed that I love them all equally. I was a bit worried I would love her more - I don't know why but I was just nervous that it would turn out that way. But it hasn't so I needn't have worried but I wanted to document it anyway - it was a big thing for me every time I was pregnant and the pressure was really bad when I was pregnant the fourth time as I know my mental health wouldn't let me go through another pregnancy (I get very bad pre-natal depression and go a little crackers from about 25 weeks and it just gets worse until the baby arrives and then I'm completely okay again) so it was my last chance to have a daughter. I can tell you now girls - be careful what you wish for!!!! lol She's the roughest, toughest, brattiest girl on the planet!!!!
Sorry, side tracked as usual!!! So got three layouts done and v.happy about that! I wanted to have playtime at the shop tomorrow but I'll announce something about that later tonight.

If you've won a RAK from my blog in the last week or so DO NOT FEAR!!!!! I have boxed everything up and they are ready to be sent tomorrow morning (I will be a little embarrassed here but admit that since I haven't been working I haven't had the money to actually post the RAK's but I've done a bit of casual typing this week and will get paid tomorrow so I can finally send everyone's stuff - sorry it's taken a little while).

Talk to you later chickies!!!

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TribeRingers said...

Gee Lu, what great LOs, they are so awesome. You and Cass rock!

Sounds like Cath has got some more awesome stuff, I must vist v.soon (like today hopefully - if DH ever gets out of bed!).

Have a great day.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love