Monday, 9 April 2007

RAK winners for this week and a CHIPBOARD RAK for next week!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and how nice to be a kid? - cos it's not over yet for them! I'm sort of back to work tomorrow. I have a class to teach tomorrow afternoon at the shop and then back on Wednesday and Friday to help out in the store. This Friday is our first crop morning and anyone local (or not so local if you don't mind the travel!) is welcome to lob on into the store when we open at 9.30am for a morning of scrapping, chatting, coffee, tea and more! I always love crop mornings - there's nothing like having a whole shop at your disposal if you need anything in the middle of a page and it's always fun to be able to walk around and find THE perfect paper or embellishment cos they're right at your fingertips!

NOW down to serious business girls! The winners of my RAK for last week are........

So Simmibear, Annette L and Kayla if you could all drop me an email and let me know your postal addresses I can put your packs in the mail this week and you'll have your goodies in your hot little hands before you know it. Also, if you have any colour likes/ dislikes and fav embelly types then please include that so I can try to make sure you don't end up with something you won't use.

Thanks to Her Royal Highness for being barrel girl for me this afternoon!

I like the whole theory of give if you can so I'll be running another RAK this week and we'll just work it the same as last week - stop in any day this week and leave a comment on either this post or anything else during the week that takes your fancy and on Sunday next weekend I'll draw another winner. Methinks this week we'll have a chipboard RAK because well who doesn't love chipboard?!?!?!?! So be sure to stop in again this week if you'd like to be in it and feel free to pass it on to anyone else you think would like to have a nice pack of chipboard turn up in their mailbox.

In other news today - my daughter is a complete little monster!!!!!!!! She has spent the whole weekend racking up a rap sheet of misdemeanors a mile long. This weekend it has been a whole tube of fuschia acrylic paint on my timber bedroom floor, stabbed her brother with a colouring pencil, overturned a basket of clean laundry, smashed a pile of her Easter eggs into a BILLION crumbs all over the loungeroom floor, threw books at people, fired staples around the room with my stapler, pulled the sheets of my newly made bed, hurt herself by doing silly things more times than I can count, used the remote control to hammer the TV screen, sat in the bathroom under the guise of having a wee and used EVERYONE'S TOOTHBRUSHES, spat on one of her brothers when he wouldn't move for her, slammed the front door and trapped one of our cats between the timber door and the screen door (lucky she's a skinny cat and there's a good 3 inch gap between the two doors!), turned off Daddy's computer in the middle of burning discs when he wouldn't change the TV channel for her, used her doll pram as a battering ram against siblings, helped herself to breakfast by upending a whole box of cornflakes over her bowl and to cap it off she has decided that the best way to show she is upset if she gets in trouble or gets told off is to immediately pee her pants - regardless of where she is or what she's wearing. Patience wearing very thin this weekend and I haven't asked God for as much help as I should have although I have used His name a few times when dealing with her!!!!!!!!

Oh what would a weekend be without a roundup of Caeligh's achievements? The big boys will be back from their dad's place tonight. They went over yesterday at lunchtime to see his family and he brought his new girlfriend over when he picked up the kids. I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back for being able to look at the two of them and hope that things work out for them both. She seems nice enough, three girls of her own, her youngest the same age as Caeligh. Apparently they are taking things slowly, not surprising as my ex hasn't been in a serious relationship since we split up nine years ago. The boys were talking about her last week and I hadn't realised that she was anything more than a friend until they mentioned an embarrassing kissing incident (embarrassing for all the kids to watch apparently!). So I sat them both down and said that things with their dad shouldn't change because he has a girlfriend and that as long as she's nice to them and treats them kindly then that's all they'll ever hear about it from me. I'm actually glad, she's a mother herself so hopefully she will help him with some of his parenting style that I'm not so hot about. And having so many more girls in my sons' lives can only be a good lesson on how to treat them!

I'll go now cos I've bored the jammie pants off you all for a little while now but don't forget this week's RAK if you are a chipboard fan and spread the word if you know someone who could do with a nice surprise or a cheer up.

Have a fab week chickies and those of you with kids - please don't go crazy if you can help it!!!

Love, Lu


Scrapmanda said...

Hi there ... stumbled across your fun blog via SM Online ... must make the journey to Salisbury to check out your shop.

Alana said...


Jenny Boyd said...

I, too, found your blog through SM forum (I am jiminyjen) and boy am I a lover of blogs! Highly addictive! I have added you to my list of favourites!

TribeRingers said...

What a lovely person you are with all these RAK's. I don't know how you find the time being a Mum, wife, scrapbooker, Design Team Member! Wow!

Have a great week. missmuffet from :)

AnnetteL said...

Oh wow thank you so much Lu for choosing me to give a RAK too, I'm so excited. I can't seem to find a link to your email address to email you. I will PM you at Scrapbook City with my details if that is okay? You made my week! Thanks. Cheers AnnetteL

kissmevodka said...

Lol, oh you poor thing. Dare I say, wait till the little Princess is 15. I'd swap, but frankly, the challenges are still there.
Can you blame it on chocolate overload or just early signs of pms? I do feel for you. Really I do. I only have 2 girls and both of them have given me plenty of tests!
Boys are so much easier!
I'll throw my name in the hat for chippies too, btw.
Hang in there, you can escape when you go to work! :) Pretend you're a growed up; not a parent.
Wish I could call in and join the scrap time. Maybe one day...
Start the day with a smile and get it over with! ;)

Nae said...

Love your work congratulations girls on winning this weeks RAKS how exciting. Ill check back later to see what else is happening.

Anonymous said...

im sorry... i have tears rolling down my face as i read what miss Caeligh has been up to this weekend.. while i get clucky, im so glad that mine are older now..

Love the pics... specially the bridge one... loved the same one on Cass's site..

Had had a stack of fun checking out the blog, like usual.. 9though generally i just stay quietly in the background) that rap sheet deserved a post..

glad you survived the day!!


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