Tuesday, 3 April 2007

New beginnings and a big whoppin' RAK!

Okay well because I'm now stationed in a scrapping shop three days per week I've got lots of things at my fingertips and with a post office three doors down I've also got easy access to getting things posted - my biggest reason for not doing more RAKs so far - I'm a bit ADHD and so I usually forget what I had to do, leave stuff at home by accident, run out of time and think "I'll do that tomorrow" and then the days just fly by.

So now that it's going to be far easier for me to be organised I'm getting into the spirit and as Cass said, karma is a powerful force. I have lots of scrapping stuff, and being on a DT means that even though I get given lots of products, I also still buy lots of things I think I'll use and then a new range comes out or new collection and things I've bought that I've loved just sit and I don't have time to use them. So I'm going to start giving away some of those things and if Cyberscraps gets in fab new products then I'll start picking some of those things up to and giving them away on this blog as RAKs. Does that sound crazy to you? Nope absolutely not crazy at all. I know for a fact how touched I've been by receiving a RAK, a secret santa, a prize I didn't expect and it has the power to change somebody's whole day, their whole week and sometimes it can even change somebody's life - to have the cosmos deliver something unexpected to them and to know that somebody cares. That's all so many people want - to know somebody cares. Let's not even get into the heart-wrenching dilemma of wanting new supplies and for whatever reason there is nothing in the piggy bank. I've been in that situation more times than I can count I guarantee you and even buying a single sheet of new paper that I wanted has made me feel better.

So I want to make a few people feel better this week so while I've said it's a big whoppin' RAK it's actually going to be three separate RAKs. I've got My Mind's Eye products, Basic Grey, some cool things I've picked up from $2 shops (please don't underestimate the funky things you find in $2 shops - I've used so many on my layouts and I love a bargain!) and a few surprises included as well.

So if you'd like to have some free stuff rock up to your front door next week then drop by this week and leave a comment here or in my Cbox, either way is cool with me. Let me know what you're up to and how life's treating you and then over the Easter weekend I'll draw three random names from all the comments and post up here on Easter Monday who's going to get the freebies.

Thanks again for stopping by. I know I've been quiet lately but I believe today is the start of a new phase in my life with less work, less money but more peace and more fun and I'm willing to take that deal in a heartbeat. I know that people visit my blog because I'm usually her alot and now I'll be back to having more time to keep up to date so if you've been away then I can't wait to see you all again and best of luck with the RAKs this week.

Later chickies!!!! Love, Lu


Jasmine said...

Hi Lu

I've just been catching up on all your news:) So happy you were able to get most of the money owed to you. You're right - God always provides, sometimes it's just not what we expect ;)

Caleigh sounds like a livewire LOL!!!

I'm sure I'll love my RAK - you have great taste :)

Jas xoxo

Michelle Jamieson said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea, this RAK idea! Loving the sound of it!

Might have to do it on my own blog!

Chelle Xx

Renee said...

Heya Lu!

Love the priceless LO - the things we do to read our mags!

The RAK idea is great too. . .hope that something great happens to you in return!

Shall pop this on my favs to come back to see future LOs!

xx Renee

Lusi Austin :) said...

Hi gorgeous....Did you know you won last week's prize over at How Dare You? Wasn't sure if you'd seen that or not.....CONGRATS TO YOU Lu!!!
Well Bretty spaghetti is on holidays now for a month! Yay! The last time he went on holidays he nursed me for 2 weeks after I had my spleen removed...not a great holiday that one...so this time we are going to have our very first family holiday!!!! Friends of ours have lent us the use of their holiday house by the beach. Our kids have only been to the beach twice before so this will be GREAT!
Other than that, lots of stuff around here- ministry, scrappin, family :) Ethan learned to ride stassi's bike yesterday and he's only 2!!! So he's getting a little second hand one to ride today - very cute!
I have to catch up with reading about the work stuff...sorry I missed all that babe!
Ok caht soon, yeah?
Lots of love to all,
Lus x

Alana said...

HI! You are simple a nice person...CONGRATS on your win at How Dare You, you have given us confidence that people do still care!! LOL Alana from scrapapple!!

Debbie said...

Hi Lu

I think itis great that you want to make the day of many people with your RAK idea i would love to be involved

AnnetteL said...

Hi Lu dropped by your blog from Scrapbook City. Just wanted to wish you all the best in the new stage of your life. RAKing the best way to spread the joy of life too good on you!. Take Care Cheers Annette

Katie said...

Hi Lu

I've worked it out - re SM forum message. Must say again its a wonderful blog - love the layouts.

You sound like a fun loving, generous person and best of luck with life. It is after all what we make of it.

Would like to join in the RAK.


miss~nance said...

Your RAK is a great idea. Love your blog too.

Kelley said...

Hi - was just checking out your blog!!! Your scrapping is awesome!!! Always love to find new inspiring scrappers!!!

Anonymous said...


what a wonderful idea it is to start a RAK - it's an inspiring geasture. I've given a few RAK's to scrapping friends over the internet in the past and it's an awesome feeling to get when you know you've brightened someone's day for no reason than to be nice. Congratulations

Donna (Tatonka)

Maz said...

WOWS!! Fab blog!! I actually just read my new SM with your work published! Very cool :)

Good luck in this new life stage :D


Anonymous said...


What an amazing woman, that is so generous that you will be giving away products.
I know what you mean re money - scrapbooking products are so expensive and when there is food, clothing etc to buy it is very hard to justify spending the money on them. I am relativey new to scrapbooking and am already addicted!

Big plans for the easter weekend actually, i am turning 21!!! So lots of birthday plans and preparations for my party the following weekend. Yourself?

Again thank you for the wonderful offer, i cant wait to see you in SM (i subscribe.)

Kindest Regards,

kissmevodka said...

Always enjoy a rak! Enjoy the giving too. If it's not too late, I would love to join in and spread the lurve.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love