Friday, 20 April 2007

Ooooh Aah Fancy Pants, I Said Ooh Aah Fancy Pants!!!!

Okay sorry I couldn't announce this last night but I didn't have any prices for you then! We've got our new Fancy Pants stamps and while we want more, at the moment we have available the large 12x12 Pollen Dust stamps for $67.10 and 6x6 Chic Alphabet and Journals A La Mode for $26.84 each. They will be up online at Cyberscraps this morning for the very keen and if they prove popular then we will do our utmost to get more in and other designs as well - scrappers honour!!!!

We also got the boy and girl chipboard book kits and the new jars of flowers and the rub-ons. We've also got in a great range of Luxe Designs rub-ons, gorgeous and really well priced so if you are a rub-on fan be sure to check those out.

New Marah Johnson Intentions and Bliss are in as well along with the matching embellies and they're already up on line for your drooling pleasure.

I know it's a blatant advertising post this morning but a huge amount of our patterned papers (like almost all of them!) are permanently reduced by 20% and our BAZZILL IS ALWAYS 70 CENTS A SHEET!!!

We've really tried hard to make sure we have great prices so we can move more stock and thus concentrate on shiny new things - preferably as quickly as possible so you don't need to put your creativity on hold while you wait for things to ship to your local LSS from the wholesaler. We're doing our best to get stuff direct from the manufacturers themselves so it's in your hot little hands as fast as possible!!!

Thanks for listening to the spiel but I do love to share a bargain because the more you save on your scrapping supplies the further your buck goes and right now I know the importance of that!

I've got a new job on the horizon with a transcription company which will hopefully stop Doug sweating bulletts about the money issue but it's going to have to fit in around the shop hours at Cyberscraps now because that I do for love (and maybe some product!!! lol) but not money and the typing is a totally mercenary activity so we can afford to eat!

I'll let you know how the day progresses. We've got a crop at this shop this morning and if I can get five minutes without a customer I may even get a layout done!!!!

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