Monday, 16 April 2007

Marvy Marvy Monday!

Cass and I were only in the shop for half an hour today before two boxes arrived from the States - the new Marah Johnson Intentions and Bliss lines!!!!! Plus other stuff but of course that was the most exciting!!!!

As far as I know Cyberscraps is the only place in Oz to have these new lines so far so if you are a Marah fan or if you haven't seen her range before come on over to here to have a lookie. All the new stuff you can see in the pics is up online and ready to be sent to loving homes!!! lol (like mine..... :)

Well because Cass and I were so excited at all the new stuff that we carried on like a pair of screeching pork chops we've decided to share the lurve with ANOTHER RAK for this week. So as per usual chickies, if you visit my blog any day this week up til Sunday afternoon and leave a comment on this or any other post, or in my Cbox (we don't discriminate against comments here!~ lol) then I'll draw out a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW (BSN) RAK of brand spankin' new products chosen from the above new lines at Cyberscraps. If you'd like TWO chances to win a BSN RAK then head over to Cass's blog and leave a comment for her as she's also giving away a selection of the above v.spesh products!

So this week's a brand new and blingy RAK week with one and maybe two bling RAKs and a BSN RAK. Look forward to hearing from ya girls and have a cracker of a week (hooray for school!!!!!) lol

Cya, Lu


kissmevodka said...

mmmmmm, *drool* wipe*
Off to buy!

Alana said...

No wonder you carried on like pork chops....all looks great! working in a scrap shop...the dream job!

katie54 SM forum said...


You lucky buggers - you know that it should have been shipped to my house instead.

The products look great and I can really appreciate how exciting it would have been when they came through the door.

We certainly don't see these sorts of products in our LLS. I have to go online to source anything other than Bazzil and Basic Grey.

Would love to go in the draw for your rak pack.


lynn wood said...

wow....gorgeous products...have never seen these before but they look fab

Kat Browne said...

The RAK is such a nice gesture, and OMG the pages are divine!!! I'm not surprised you were so excited, I don't think you'd have much luck finding a scrapper who wouldn't have when faced with so many pretties.

Loving the look of your blog, can't wait to have enough time to go through it all!

Have a great day,
Kat (Scree from SM forums)

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